All about Tata Capital Business Loans

All about Tata Capital Business Loans

Do you have a business idea you think is going to be the next big thing? While many in India work on their ideas every year, only a few make the cut. One of the biggest reasons is a lack of funding at the right time.

If you’re planning to expand or fund your business plans in India, one of the most crucial factors to its success is access to the right amount of capital. The good news is that reputed lenders like Tata Capital are here to help you with this endeavour. The company offers easy tailor-made loans to help you in your business plans.

Turn your business dreams into reality

Without money, kicking off a successful venture is impossible. To empower you to turn your business ideas into reality with ease, you should look towards customisable business loan in India by Tata Capital.

Taking out a loan with Tata Capital is easy. All you need is a decent CIBIL score and a comprehensive business plan. Your business plan must be well fleshed out with details on goals, objectives of the loan, and expected growth.

Given the importance of money to your business, it is important to get the right financing partner on board. You can safely rely on Tata Capital since the lender has been around for many years. Thus, it understands the dynamic needs of a business.

Eligibility and documentation

You can get a business loan for your business as an individual or with co-founder(s). You can get this loan for expanding operations, buying machinery, meeting working capital expenses, etc.

Eligibility criteria includes –

  • The applicant must be between 25 – 65 years of age
  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen

Documentation requirements are as below –

  • Application form
  • KYC documents

Why choose Tata Capital

Tata Capital has been in the Indian business lending industry for a long time. Because every business has different funding requirements, its business loans are designed keeping flexibility and customisation in mind. However, all its loans are unsecured which means you need not pledge assets as collateral. If you are just starting out, it is unlikely you will have many assets in possession. Thus, Tata Capital’s unsecured business loans are just right for starting a business.

Additionally, you can customise your monthly loan repayments in line with your cash flow constraints. The lender has structured EMI options to give you ample flexibility in repayment. You can check your monthly emi liability with the help of a business loan emi calculator. With a high eligibility in place, your loan application is also easily approved.

To get a loan for your business, you can apply both online and in-person. You can visit the Tata Capital website, fill up the application form, scan and upload the required documents, and submit your application. The same process can be carried out at a branch near you. After this, your loan is approved after verification and background checks.

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