Apollo Munich health insurance – A Complete Overview

Apollo Munich health insurance – A Complete Overview

You cannot predict life. Never know when you fall prey to illness or face an uncertain accident. But to combat such unpredictable moments you should resort to the Health insurance plans. It is because according to the terms and conditions of the health insurance policies they offer instant financial help. In this regard, pay heed to the Apollo Munich health insurance plan, which is presently the HDFC ERGO Health. It promises to offer high-quality care for your health.

You can stay assured to get top-notch treatments in assistance with globally certified healthcare professionals.

Why do you need to have the Apollo Munich health insurance?


Today healthcare insurance is compulsory in a country like India with skyrocketed medical expenditure. Therefore, it is becoming a necessity for every single individual to have health care insurance. As a result, today people are actually endeavoring to get the health insurance policies as a savior.

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On that account, the introduction of the Apollo Munich Health Insurance is the most promising in India today. It is because largely it eased the medical dilemma for individuals from a broader perspective.

The health insurance plans called Apollo Munich came into light with different health insurance policy options. The health insurance plans are for both groups and families as well. Each of the health care plans is there to rescue you against the exorbitant medical bills and ensure an enduring life.

Until date, the Apollo Munich Health Insurance received many praises from both words of mouth and customer feedback. In fact, their healthcare policies secured a rank as well in the category of most secured health insurance plans in India.

Insight on the health insurance plans :


It’s time to get some details on the health insurance plans of the Apollo Munich Health Insurance. So go through the following to catch up on the information.

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  1. Individual health insurance plans:

Irrespective of your age and gender, you can become a victim of medical emergencies. The best thing about having the individual health insurance plan from Apollo is that it will minimize the financial difficulty as well. The composed and well-designed health insurance plan will ease the whole process.

The plus side is that each of the terms and conditions is very much transparent. In addition, the main intention of the plan is to offer a cashless facility in the hospital. You will enjoy other additional features as well. However, remember that this policy for a single individual only.

Policies on offer are the following:

  • Optima restore
  • Easy Health
  • Health Wallet
  • cancer insurance
  • cancer insurance for the women
  • Dengue care plan
  • Optima cash
  • Optima super
  • Energy
  1. Families health insurance plan:

Seriously, it is a problem when you see a near one in your family is facing issues with inflated medical expenses. In that case, Apollo Munich comes to offers the best solution to you. It ensures that your family gets the right treatment. On top of that, they get all sorts of medical security.

Also does not let you pressurize your pocket as well. With this family insurance plan, you will get coverage for the illness and several other diseases. It also offers a fixed amount to the proposed members having the plan. Moreover, they can easily claim for the policy within the tenure period only.

Compared to the individual health insurance here the premium is quite less. Remember that too depends on the age of the eldest member of the family. Note that it also gives the coverage for the OPD as well.

Health Insurance coverage assures the following:

  • Optima Restore
  • Easy Health
  • Optima Super
  • Optima restore family plans
  1. Health insurance plans for senior citizen:

This health insurance plan provides coverage to senior citizens against complicated illnesses. It is a comprehensively designed plan to meet any incidental expenses. But the patient has to be under in house supervision of the hospital authority.

Eligibility requisites to avail this health care plan:

  1. The patient should be more than 61 years or above.
  2. Both spouses can get coverage based on the assured sum for both individuals. Here you will get a discount of 5% as well.
  3. The premium policy may change during the time of renewal due to changes in your age.
  4. You will get a discount of 7.5 % of having a two-year policy.

Benefits of having the senior citizen plan:

  •  Hospitalization facility for inpatient
  • Prehospital admission facility
  • The facility in regards to post-hospitalization
  • Daycare facility procedure
  • Treatment at home
  • Organ donors also get facility while transplanting organs.
  • Ambulance expense facility during times of emergency
  • In case of complicated illness, you will get second advice.

Final words:

Thus, you should know about the Apollo Munich health insurance plan these details. The comprehensive overview on the health insurance plan will help you get the plan easily. Thus, have the plan to get benefits in terms of tax. Also, get security for both finances and health.

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