Axis Net Banking – Learn How to Register Online Banking of Axis Bank

Axis Net Banking – Learn How to Register Online Banking of Axis Bank

With the help of internet banking, the financial unction world has been changed. Not just that accessing the account becomes easy, but it becomes simpler to keep the track on each transaction that has been made. You also do everything without going anywhere and facing any hassle. Axis bank, one of the big banks offering online baking that Axis Net Banking is proven to be useful and easy for everyone. However, the bank also has a various range in their services facilities and other beneficial deals for their account holders, which can be enjoyed once the individual gets his account register.

Benefits of Axis bank that you get after net banking registering

There are several benefits that the cardholder enjoys once they get to register for net banking, here are following listed points that you can consider:


Get access to all kind of services

When the individual register for net banking, they can get to essential data as well as services identified with their card through the available portal. You can report in case your car is stolen or damaged to block it, along with that it can also be used for regenerating PIN to link with the bill payments, and all these services are available with net banking. There are also services for cardholders by which you can check the reward points and redeem it too.

Secure, safe and no compromise

The bank offers high quality and no comparison when it comes to safety measurements regarding the information of their customers. So, when you more comfortable the credit card for net banking, you also get the secure method for doing all the payments and transaction without any doubt.

24 X 7 services available

To access the credit card of yours or to get the services, you can request for everything anywhere and anytime. The services are available for round the clock. Also, to cover the 90 days sold outstanding balance into EMIs, or to use any other services, The net banking avail everything without any hassle.

What are the facilities that you get?

There are several facilities that the Axis bank offers for their account holders, however, to know more here is the summarised list for you:

  • By net banking, you can quickly get the access or view the details about the bank account, account balance, credit card statements as well as credit card details at one place
  • You can also do the funds transfer from one account to any other or axis bank accounts without any delay or trouble
  • The services also include eth settlement of the credit card bills and paying the utility bills etc. without any hassle
  • If your card gets stolen or you lost it somewhere, you can report quickly and block it. Apart from it, you also get the ATM PIN change like options too. To redeem your reward points, you can do that too here.

How to Register Axis Net Banking?

You can register as there are different options available. However, for Agri rural or retail customers here are steps that they can follow:

  • Visit the bank’s website, and you will get the log in option, located on the right side
  • Get the register button and personal tab
  • Once you get on the page, there will be information’s that you need to provide including the login Id and password
  • Proceed once you are done

In case you don’t have the customer ID and the password, here are the few steps that you can follow:

  • The first step includes downloading the form from the Axis Bank website. You can also get it from the nearest branch
  • Fill the asked information, and do read the instructions that are given before you do the signature.
  • In case you have the joined account, make sure that you get the signatures from them as well
  • Submit the form, and get your mobile number register for the Axis net banking.
  • Register your mobile number for internet banking

For the number of registration, you can visit the nearest branch that you have. And follow these processes for hassle-free experience:

  • Visit the nearest ATM of Axis bank
  • You will get the registration tab where you need to click and choose the NETSECURE
  • Put the mobile number that you wished to register and submit it
  • You are done, and now you can get the net banking services

How can you log in?

To login in Axis net banking, you need to follow some basic but easy steps. Well, these steps are not troublesome, but for the easy experience, you can follow these given steps too:

  • First, you need to visit the bank’s official online website. Once you are there, choose the internet banking option that you will get on the right side of the available page
  • You will get the login page where you have to choose the personal tab.
  • You will be redirected to the next page where you have to give the customer ID as well as password
  • Once you give the information, now you can log in by clicking the option and start the net banking services

Who is considered as eligible for the net banking services by Axis bank?

To know if you are eligible for enjoying the internet banking services, you must know what the rules of the axis bank in this section are. Well, the bank offers the services to all account holders who are having their own savings as well as a current account. No matter what the case is, but the customer or the mandate has the full authority when it comes to operating the account, they also have complete permission for doing so.

Not just that, the daily transaction is default limited at five lakhs for per day. But in funds transfer, there is no limitation set by the bank. The account holders have the authority to the enhancement up to Rs 10 lakh on their daily limits through internet banking by the Axis bank. However, there will be a need for approval from the base branch if the limit goes more than Rs 10 lakh.


We do know that Axis bank is one of the popular banks of India. It is the finest bank in our country which has more branches and ATM access across the country and not only this most of the celebrities accounts are linked with axis bank only. Apart from providing a better customer facility to any account holder they are also good in providing the best financial services and recently they came up with the new credit card.

However, this post is all about internet banking and we have added all the details you need to know for the activation of axis bank internet banking. Do let us know in the comments section if you need to know anything else.

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