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Banglarbhumi – Check West Bengal Land Records Khatian & Plot Number

Banglarbhumi – Check West Bengal Land Records Khatian & Plot Number

For a purchaser or land-owner, information on the land/property is very relevant. As a precaution, a person should check the underlying details if they wish to purchase any property. Such specifics may be as basic as–in whose name is the registered land or who owns the land at present. These details, together with a land map of the properties located in West Bengal are provided by the Banglarbhumi portal, developed by the Land & Land Reforms Department. The department is always committed to focus and improve the citizen-centric services like Mutation, Land Conversion, Issuance of plot information, and Certified copies of Record of rights, etc.

The online platform is well known to the citizens of West Bengal owing to its features of on-line verification and data on property and land reforms. You can access the West Bengal land website via a range of devices, such as PCs, tablets, laptops, and Smartphones. This shows different types of information concerning Mutation, Land Reforms, Plot details, and many more.


For all persons who can live in or outside the State of West Bengal, the land information is required. They should ensure proper old documents on plot records. The land records and survey authorities, the government of West Bengal, provide this required information. Details about Khatian can also be found. You have to follow every step and then use land registration services. All relevant documents are needed for the first user. Even the online portal allows users to share their comments on the plot’s online services. This website is always open so read all instructions and know their process.

West Bengal Banglarbhumi may use to retrieve data about land details such as ownership, plot value, plot number, and current owner. The particulars of Khatian & Plot signify the value of the land-owner or the traditional buyer.

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WB Banglarbhumi Khatian and Plot Details:

Any citizen can easily find online documents of their territory online, using this portal Before purchasing land, it is easier to check the value of different terrain in different places from the West Bengal Banglarbhumi website.

Banglarbhumi website stored over 15 lakh Bargadars or Share-croppers information and over 30 crores Khatians and 42,042 Villages/Mouzas recently.

Steps to Check West Bengal Banglar Bhumi Khatian & Plot Information Online:

Step #1: Citizen has to visit the Banglarbhumi official website:

Step #2: Log into Banglarbhumi portal

Step #3: Check and select the menu option on the left side of the screen.

Step #4: Choose the submenu ‘Know Your Property‘ from the drop-down list

Step #5: Users are redirected to the page of ‘Khatian & Plot Information‘

Step #6: Select the district name from the dropdown list

Step #7: Also choose your Block name & Village/Mouza name from the given list

Step #8: You can view two options. One option is by Khatian number and the other option is by plot number based on your choice

Step #9: Enter the desired number & click on the submit button

Step #10: Now user can view the entire details of Banglarbhumi Khatian no and Plot Information.


This is the article on how to check the land records in West Bengal state. Please check the official website if you have any issue on your property !!

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