How to check SBI debit card EMI eligibility?

How to check SBI debit card EMI eligibility?

In October 2019, SBI (State Bank of India) launched a special facility for EMI on Debit cards, a customer durable loan. This EMI facility is only provided to pre-approved customers and with the help of this, they can buy from selective merchant stores, consumer durables very easily. They just have to swipe their debit card.

The best part about this facility was that cardholders do not require any kind of documentation and very little processing fee. Consumers can avail themselves of instant outlay.

As mentioned above pre-approved customers, one question arises, “How to know if you are approved or not”?

So here are a few simple steps to check out your eligibility.

How to check SBI debit Card EMI eligibility?

There are a few ways to check if the consumer is approved or not.

You can follow the steps below to check if you are eligible for buying consumer durables from the merchant stores on EMI

  • Checking eligibility by SMS

  1. Type “DCEMI”
  2. Send it from your registered phone number on 567676
  3. Later you will get a response regarding if you are approved or not.
  • Check eligibility online

  1. Click on the link given: Click here
  2. Fill in the details correctly.
  3. Your registered phone number and account no. should be correct
  4. After confirming, click on check eligibility.
  5. Then the next window opened will show you if you are approved or not.

If you are eligible, you can avail yourself of these services just by simply following steps given below. This offer is only applicable for Flipkart customers while making purchase on Flipkart.

How to avail yourself of DCEMI service?

  1. Use the POS machine at the merchant store to swipe your SBI debit card.
  2. Choose between Brand and bank EMIs.
  3. Then enter the amount and repayment tenure
  4. The POS system verifies the customer’s eligibility.
  5. If qualified, enter the PIN and click “OK.”
  6. Then you will get a message by POS that the loan amount is recorded
  7. After that you have to sign a charge slip containing the terms and conditions of the loan

Terms and conditions of the loan

The EMI Facility requires a minimum transaction amount of Rs. 8000. It will cost 2 Years Marginal cost of fund-based lending rate and 7.50% (currently 15.65% for all tenures) in interest.

The loan amount is repayable in equal monthly instalments 6/9/12/18 months. (EMI).

When you use this option, a Standing Instruction on your SB account equal to the amount of the monthly instalment is instantly created.

Only after the full repayment of the loan amount with interest, including any applicable penal interest, will the obligation to the bank be discharged.

The loan account is formed upon acceptance of the Terms & Conditions stated herein, and the loan amount is equal to the transaction amount.

The loan can only be used to buy goods at our approved merchants’ and partners’ offline and online stores and shops.

Only three transactions, up to the approved loan level, are approved for the EMI facility under both online EMI and POS EMI, and a single client is not allowed to have more than three loan accounts in any given calendar quarter.

The seller will incur a small processing fee of Rs 2 and will take payment in advance using your debit card.

The irregular amount will be charged a penalty interest of 2% each month.

Failure to comply with standing orders due to inadequate funds in the account will result in the appropriate penalty.

Any partial or full prepayment of EMIs and early account closure will result in prepayment fees of 3% of the prepaid amount.

Any technical issues that arise during processing EMI at the POS terminal are not the responsibility of SBI.

Any problems with the quality, delivery, or any other aspect of the acquired items must be addressed directly with the seller and are not the responsibility of SBI.

Any successful EMI transaction may only be canceled with the merchant’s consent, and it must be done well in advance of the day’s end or merchant settlement, whichever comes first.

SBI is not liable for any cash back that has been guaranteed by the retailer or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). However, SBI promises to give the consumer their cash back, if any, as soon as it is received from the retailer or OEM.

All decisions made by SBI regarding a customer’s eligibility for and granting of an EMI facility are final and governed by internal bank policies.


EMI on SBI Debit Card is an amazing facility for consumers. They can easily avail of EMI services with just a few simple steps without any hassle.

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