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How to generate passive income in 2023?

How to generate passive income in 2023?

Passive income: What is it? You are passively earning money because it comes in without individuals having to put in much work. This stands in stark contrast to your day job, which generates active revenue and typically requires long workdays to obtain a wage. Nowadays having passive income has become important because by only generating a regular income one is only able to meet their daily needs and sometimes that becomes a problem. So now the question arises of how to earn passive income. Is it difficult?  So, the answer is no it is not difficult at all and about how here is complete information on different ways to earn passive income

Creating and selling courses online

One area that has experienced tremendous expansion recently is the creation and sale of online courses for profit. The global eLearning industry is anticipated to expand from less than $200 billion in 2019 to $375 billion by 2026, indicating that there is a huge demand for authentic and reliable courses. One can easily make money after the initial time investment. A course once become popular and started adding value to learners can provide a great source of revenue.

Sites like Udemy, SkillShare, and Coursera allow for the distribution and sale of courses.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing model is simple affiliates will be getting paid each time you advertise a business’s services or goods and generate business. Similar to an agent who will only get a commission when the sale is completed, one will be getting paid when one will successfully get a sale done.

For many Indians, affiliate marketing has emerged as a viable alternative source of income. In India, a successful affiliate marketer often takes between 0.3 and 9 lakhs per year.

Create e-book

Writing an e-book can be a great way to benefit from the very low cost of publishing and even one can use Amazon’s global distribution or any other similar platform to bring their book or publication in front of a lot of potential customers. Since they rely on your own skills, e-books can be made for relatively very less money and for a size of 30 to 50 pages. You’ll need to have a grasp of a particular subject. Although it’s possible that the subject is detailed or specific and calls for professional knowledge or expertise that very less possess and many people desire. With the help of an online platform, one can quickly format and process the book and test-market various titles and prices

An e-book can become a medium of directing readers to one’s other products as well, such as video or audio courses, their own other e-books, a website, or possibly more valuable seminars, in addition to providing them with useful details and knowledge.

Graphic design

Selling goods with printed graphics could be a viable source of income for someone with aptitude and creative skills. On stores like Zazzle and CafePress, they might market products like hats, T-shirts, mugs, and more with their own designs. One of the finest ways for a freelance graphic designer to get passive money is to create stock graphics. There is a sizable demand for unique graphics, whether they are logos, vector pictures, or icons, and there are numerous stock marketplaces where you may submit your creations.

There are many opportunities for graphic designers in practically every industry. After completing the graphics design course, there are many possibilities available.

Social media

A strong online presence can be used to generate a sizable revenue. Using social media for business purposes is a promising tactic. You might get people to notice you and click on your profile if you have interesting content. After that, you may earn money off of that material by securing sponsored posts from businesses that your audience will find intriguing.


One can use a free (or very inexpensive) platform, then use their excellent content to get followers. Your chances of becoming the individual to follow are stronger if your opinion or area of interest is more distinctive. It will draw sponsors to you then.

Making vlogs might bring anywhere between 2 and 3 lac annually. You can get money in other ways other than through YouTube adverts. Additionally, you may interact with sponsors, and depending on how many followers you have, you can charge them for product placement or sponsored films.


Many working professionals now find it very simple to register a Demat account and begin trading thanks to the development of online trading. It’s encouraging that you are prepared to work hard to earn extra money, but you also need to educate yourself on how to do it and the hazards involved. You can start online trading with just a few thousand rupees and work your way up to millions and crores over time.

Real estate crowdfunding

Another option if you want to invest in real estate but don’t want to deal with a lot of the labor-intensive duties or don’t have much money is a crowdfunding website. A knowledgeable investing team selects real estate, after which you can choose whether to invest in it and the amount that feels right to you.

Private real estate options that have been hand-selected by experienced investors and may be of interest are available to you. To learn more about the kind of returns you can expect and for how long, you can take a look at the platforms’ returns. Your portfolio may benefit from further diversification and income balancing by including real estate investments.

Stock dividend

Recurring dividend payments are made to shareholders by companies having dividend-paying equities. Simply owning the company’s stock is enough to qualify you for cash dividends. A quarter’s worth of profits are distributed by the companies to them. Since dividends are paid per share of stock, the more shares you own, the greater your payout will be.

Stock photos selling

The phrase “stock photography” simply refers to the general imagery that buyers use for the visual content in a variety of media, including news articles, blogs, and websites, as well as design materials for advertisements or promotional materials it opposite of custom photography. As the demand for content creation and blog writing is increasing Images are also required. So, if you have a passion for photography, you can sell the pictures clicked by you.

Creating private communities

Making private communities of like-minded individuals is a great method to make money and get content produced for you. An elaborate private community is not necessary. Setting up a forum, message board, or chat room is a straightforward way to get started. By putting advertisements in the secret area, including adverts in their newsletters, or levying a tiny access fee one can earn good amount of money

Drop shipping

Like affiliate marketing, drop shipping allows you to sell a product without actually owning it. However, after someone purchases a product from you, you need to order it and have it transported straight to the customer. You don’t pay for the item until someone else purchases it from you, so you already have the cash and the profit.

Writing blogs

Passive income is the regular blogging revenue that can be earned without actively working. That implies that you are not spending 10 hours a day working nonstop on your laptop. While you are on vacation or even while you are daydreaming about your new home, you will still produce money. One needs to monetize their blogs. If one has good skills and a creative mindset one can write blogs for different websites as well as a freelancer.

Wrap up

Investment upfront and a lot of nurturing are necessary for passive revenue streams in the beginning. These income streams eventually start to develop and are able to sustain themselves, delivering you continuous cash with little to no effort on your part. You can try learning skills required to generate passive income and earn money.


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