How to make money playing Mobox game?

How to make money playing Mobox game?

In MOBOX, a peer-driven GameFi platform, users are empowered by receiving rewards for their participation and fun. They can do this by utilizing new tokenomics ($MBOX allocation), finance, and gaming. A completely original and innovative play-to-earn system is created by merging the finest of DeFi and NFTs. It is developed on Binance smart chain. Every application on the MOBOX platform may operate seamlessly due to the platform’s integrated decentralized and centralized wallet.

How to play the Mobox game?

It is a free-to-play game platform on Binance smart chain.

In this game, players need to mine NFT by staking cryptocurrency, and then they can use them to play various games on the portal.

Mobox platform includes yield farm, NFT marketplace, and NFT staking. Players can stake on crates to earn free NFT tokens then they can stake them to mine Mobox tokens or trade them on the marketplace.

Mobox has mini-games and NFT games like Token master, Tactical Party Slayer, Block Brawl.

How to earn money playing mobox games?

Utilize the MOBOX platform to engage in yield farming.

You can earn money by taking part in yield farming or we can call it liquidity farming. It is the procedure of using a mining mechanism to deposit or loan specified token assets as needed using DeFi products in order to supply liquidity for the swap fund pool and earn money.

Take part in the MOMO NFT mining

There are three times as many boost programs available, with an average annualization of 200% throughout the entire platform.

Enter the Mystery BOX contest.

It can be opened by players to discover a random MOMO. MOMOs may be employed in mining or trading. Players have the option to sell their raffle mystery boxes in order to cover the gap between the cost of the boxes from last week.

Take Part in Games

The total hash power of your MOMOs determines your mining income. You can engage in mining, Block Brawl sweep, and Token master Adventure with three groups of rare MOMO, and your revenue will be greatly boosted. Players with good skills will get a lot more chances to earn.

How much investment is required for playing Mobox games?

Although it is a free-to-play and play-to-earn-based model but to play a game you have to stake cryptocurrency or to unlock your keys faster you need to invest some amount. Mobox definitely has the potential to earn a lot of money but with potential risk as well. According to the previous data, it is beneficial to invest in MOMO tokens. So you can invest in it depending on your risk tolerance and do your research before investing in them.

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