How to update your phone number on your Aadhar Card?

How to update your phone number on your Aadhar Card?

What is an Aadhar Card? Why do we need it? What is it used for? An Aadhar Card is an identity symbol issued by the Government of India with a unique identification number for every individual. Even after being such a significant proof of identity in India, it is yet not considered a proof of citizenship. Then what are the purposes it serves?

Uses of Aadhar card:

  • Can be used as a proof of identification.
  • Digitally available.
  • Can be used to activate various apps like Digilocker, Umang App, etc.
  • Can be used to apply for a PAN card, Driving licence, etc.
  • Even a newborn baby is eligible to hold an Aadhar card.
  • To access any government policy, you need to have an Aadhar card.
  • Many other government issued documents such as bank accounts, PAN cards, Voter ID cards will soon be mandatorily linked to Aadhar cards.

Having so many perks, Aadhar card is significantly a must have document for every Indian. But to bring in your knowledge, there are several services that you can avail only when your Aadhar card is linked to a mobile number.

In today’s time when changing a mobile number is not a big deal, some people do it often while some do it occasionally or whenever needed. In such cases, it becomes important to update your currently working mobile number in your Aadhar card. Now let’s jump on to the topic of how we can do it?

Well, earlier there used to be more than one way to do it. Even an online facility was available, so every person could have done it on their own. But now things have changed. Today if you want to update any information, including your current mobile number in your Aadhar card, then you have to go to your nearest Aadhar centre to do so. The employees working in the government recognized Aadhar centre will guide you on the procedure of Aadhar card updation.

There are some basic procedures you need to follow at your nearest Aadhar centre to update your mobile number.

Steps to Update your Aadhar Card:

  • Go to your nearest Aadhar centre.
  • Take the Aadhar enrolment form and fill it.
  • Write your updated mobile number in the form.
  • Submit the form to the Aadhar centre executive.
  • The information gets attested through biometric verification.
  • Pay an update fee of Rs. 50.

In few days your new mobile number will be updated in your Aadhar card. 

This is the only way to get any information updated in your Aadhar card. Updating information such as name or address may require some documents as proof. An Aadhar is the identity proof of a person, keeping it updated is a need not an obligation.

Download: How to download Aadhar Card


What are the documents required to update your mobile number in an Aadhar Card?

No, documents are needed to update a mobile number in an Aadhar card, only the biometric of the person is verified. Supporting documents might be needed for changes such as name or address.

Can you update your DOB in an Aadhar Card?

Yes, one can update DOB in their respective Aadhar card but only if they have strong supporting documents for that. 10th class government association certified marksheet of a person can be considered an effectively strong supporting document. 

Can we update our Aadhar card on any private Aadhar centre?

No, one cannot update any of their Aadhar card information from anywhere other than a government recognized Aadhar enrolment centre.

Is an Aadhar card a proof of citizenship?

No, Aadhar is a proof of identification not citizenship.

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