5 Servicing Tips for Your Two-Wheeler

5 Servicing Tips for Your Two-Wheeler

A two-wheeler is a convenient way of getting through heavy traffic and reducing your dependency on public transportation. A two-wheeler is a huge investment, just like a car or a house. But over time, any machine tends to age. They do not provide the same fuel efficiency or the smooth ride they once used to.

With constant wear and tear, different parts of the vehicle start becoming faulty. This can hamper the vehicle’s performance and appearance as well. Even after an accident, the two-wheeler may not give you the performance it once did. You may have financially secured yourself by buying two wheeler insurance online. But to keep the performance of the bike consistent, you will have to take some extra effort.

Tips to Maintain Your Two-Wheeler’s Performance

  1. Tyre inspection:

Tyres are a crucial aspect of a vehicle’s smooth performance. If you drive your vehicle rashly and on bad roads, the tyres suffer a lot. It is essential that you check the tyres of the vehicle regularly.

Tracking the bike’s tyre pressure is vital for its longevity. Check the bike’s tyre pressure requirement, and ensure that the air pressure is maintained at the recommended levels. You should also check for cuts, probabilities of punctures and blowouts. The tyres should be checked at least once every two weeks.

  1. Check engine oil:

An important part of keeping your two-wheeler functioning well is to check the engine oil. This oil is the lubricant that keeps the engine running smoothly. It is a must to check the engine oil regularly. Look for signs of leakage and the engine oil once in a while.

The carbon deposits in the oil can thicken the oil and affect the engine. Dirty engine oil increases the amount of fuel consumed and will affect the life of the engine drastically.

  1. Check the brakes:

With daily use of the vehicle, the brakes also experience a great amount of wear and tear. It is important to check the spacing of the brakes on a weekly basis. If you tighten or loosen the brakes, it can be dangerous for you.

Always adjust them as per your requirements. If you are experiencing a screeching sound while using them, you will have to replace the front brake pads.

  1. Inspect the engine:

The engine is considered to be the heart of the vehicle. Your vehicle will function smoothly and properly only if the engine is working well. An efficient engine also increases fuel efficiency and will reduce the amount you spend on petrol.

The carburettor’s health is also crucial for a ride. It is essential to clean it regularly. The carburettor float chamber must be cleaned and inspected after every 1500 kilometres of use.

Another critical component of your two-wheeler is the spark plug. It must be checked and cleaned occasionally. It is linked to proper engine combustion; hence it must be replaced when found faulty. A spark plug should be cleaned after every 750 kilometres of use.

  1. Adjust clutch as needed:

The clutch is used for changing gears. Therefore, it can be beneficial for increasing or decreasing the speed at which the bike is operated. The clutch must be adjusted in a way that is easy for you to operate. Keeping an overly tight clutch can lead to the vehicle slipping and increase the amount of fuel that will be consumed. Thus, make sure that the clutch adjustment is always in the correct place.

Summing Up

To preserve your two wheeler’s performance and stability over a long period of time, it is crucial that you have it serviced regularly. However, this is not something only a mechanic can do. You must get your hands dirty and keep an eye on certain things like the air pressure in the tyre, the clutch, brakes, engine oils, etc.

Apart from this, it is also important that you keep a regular check on the battery maintenance, the mileage of the vehicle and other crucial parts. In case your bike is not maintained and gets you into an accident, you will have to keep your insurance policy for your bike handy.

The difference between an overly used two-wheeler and a properly maintained one is always apparent. Even if you decide you want to sell your bike, a well-kept two-wheeler will sell for a much higher price. So, make sure that you follow all the tips mentioned above to keep your two-wheeler in top condition.

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