The Leeds United F.C.–Manchester United F.C: Rivalry

The Leeds United F.C.–Manchester United F.C: Rivalry

In English football there are plenty of interesting rivalries. On the website 1xBet kabaddi betting site: how to win big on the Indian sport can be easy to understand, and this can also be applied to football wagers.

One of these kinds of derbies is the one between Leeds United and Manchester United. While the Red Devils have been far more successful than their counterparts, this derby has some historical origins.

Many experts argue that this rivalry is largely based on the Wars of the Roses. They were a series of military conflicts that took place approximately 600 years ago. Specifically, they happened in the 15th century between the counties of Lancashire and Yorkshire. They are the places where Manchester United and Leeds United are based respectively. Right now bettors can learn how to win big on the Indian sport by visiting the 1xBet kabaddi betting site, which also has a great football section.

The rivalry during the 20th century

Manchester United was born as Newton Heath L&YR back in 1878. Leeds was born only in 1904. For this reason, the first matches between both squads took place in the first moments of the 20th century. The 15th of January 1906 was the day when the first match ever between Leeds and the Red Devils took place. An amazing betting rate in India can be found on 1xBet, which can be highly rewarding when wagering on English football matches.

This contest was won by Leeds 3-0, and it was the beginning of this long-standing rivalry. However, things really took off in the 1950s, once Matt Busby and Don Revie became the managers of Manchester and Leeds United respectively. The 1xBet India website has great betting rates that are quite useful when wagering in matches of those two teams.

Yet, things started to diverge in the 1980s. The Red Devils started to consolidate themselves as one of the best squads in England. On the other hand, Leeds suffered a series of relegations.

Some honors

Both Manchester United and their rivals Leeds United have won many competitions. Punters can make online football betting on all the instances where those squads regularly participate. Some of the championships that have been claimed by both teams include:

  • various English league titles;
  • the FA Cup;
  • the League Cup;
  • and also the European Cup.

Yet, the Red Devils have been much more successful than their counterparts in terms of number of trophies. For example, Manchester United has won 20 leagues since their establishment, Leeds has won only 3. Yet, this doesn’t mean that this derby is any less interesting when being played. Fans can make football betting on 1xBet online whenever this derby is played.

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