Top Thorchain Community Projects for 2024

Top Thorchain Community Projects for 2024

The THORChain ecosystem thrives on collaboration, bringing together diverse teams of developers and contributors worldwide who share common objectives. Within this dynamic ecosystem, you’ll discover an extensive range of applications, wallets, tools, and resources crafted to enrich the THORChain network. Whether you’re delving into block data using the RuneScan block explorer, managing your assets with Trust Wallet, or executing cross-chain swaps via THORSwap, the THORChain ecosystem presents a diverse array of choices for both users and developers. At its core lies the native token, RUNE, which plays a pivotal role in facilitating native asset settlement across multiple blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Cosmos Hub, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

In this article we will look into the top Community Projects within Thorchain.

Thorchain Community Dapps

Top Thorchain Community Projects

1. 0xVentures

0xVentures is a venture collective deeply committed to advancing an open financial ecosystem and accelerating the adoption of blockchain innovation. Comprised of builders, creators, and avid users, the group is dedicated to nurturing the potential of blockchain technology. Their primary focus is on funding next-generation projects with significant promise in the blockchain space, aiming to drive sustainable development across the industry on a global scale. More than just an investment entity, 0xVentures functions as a thriving community of blockchain enthusiasts, collaborating to foster exponential growth and innovation within the industry.

2. Caliber Capital

Caliber Capital operates at the forefront of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and real estate investment sectors. With a team of experts in blockchain, DeFi, and web3, they execute sophisticated marketing campaigns for protocols and individuals. Beyond blockchain, they simplify access to alternative investments in real estate, aiming to generate wealth for investors through a range of fund strategies and hands-on project management. CEO Chris Loeffler’s insights on the Bitcoin ETF underscore their engagement in both practical and visionary aspects of the crypto landscape. Caliber Capital emerges as a versatile entity driving significant advancements in blockchain, crypto, and real estate investments.

3. Thorchads DAO

Thorchads DAO, integral to the THORChain ecosystem, operates as the rewards hub and nucleus of the THORChads Metaverse. Facilitating community engagement, it supports various creative endeavors like NFTs, merchandise releases, IDO access, and gaming initiatives. serves as a launchpad for emerging THORChain community projects. The platform employs a scoring mechanism and offers exclusive NFT trophies as rewards to loyal THORChain ecosystem members, top scorers, and ecosystem contributors. Each season features a curated assortment of earned NFTs, collaboratively crafted with featured artists and community NFT projects. Thorchads DAO emerges as a vibrant platform, nurturing creativity and incentivizing participation across the THORChain ecosystem.

4. QiCapital

QiCapital stands out as a beacon within the intricate realm of cryptocurrency, dedicated to uncovering hidden treasures, or “gems,” amidst the vast landscape. It leverages insights from seasoned anonymous contributors to furnish investment signals, fostering confidence even amidst market volatility. Anchored on the ethos of “diamond hands,” QiCapital shares alpha insights with its community, reinforced by the collective wisdom of analysts, crypto veterans, and key opinion leaders. The platform goes beyond mere signals, offering a cryptocurrency masterclass to demystify advanced concepts. Complementing these offerings are a blog and podcast, catering to diverse user preferences. QiCapital emerges as a holistic resource, guiding users through the dynamic crypto terrain with expertise and clarity.

5. Thorswap’s Discord

Thorswap’s Discord community thrives with over 30,000 members actively engaging, prospering, and innovating. Serving as a central hub, it fosters interaction, idea sharing, and provides essential updates about Thorswap. Integral to its functionality are key features such as the `#support-desk`, offering round-the-clock technical assistance, where users can promptly address any issues or bugs with the dedicated Thorswap team. Beyond support, the Discord community facilitates robust engagement, encouraging discussions on various Thorswap-related topics and actively contributing to its evolution. Additionally, it serves as a primary source for the latest news, updates, and announcements, further enriching the user experience.

6. Lends Discord

Lends is an innovative DeFi lending protocol within the THORChain ecosystem, tightly integrating with **Rune** and utilizing ThorFi modules. With simplified addresses via THORNames, users easily interact with the protocol. Lends enables collateralized borrowing, issuing USD-denominated debt (recorded as TOR) against native assets, with a fixed 50% Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. Loans have a minimum 30-day term, promoting long-term participation. Risk management measures include lending caps, virtual liquidity pools, and a RUNE supply cap, ensuring protocol stability. Lends offers interest-free loans with no liquidation risk, empowering users to leverage their assets without selling.

7. THORChain University

THORChain University is an essential educational hub within the THORChain network, providing insights into its cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) and the value accrual of its native token, RUNE. Offering guides, tutorials, and personalized assistance, it empowers users to navigate the ecosystem proficiently, whether trading or yield farming. The university fosters collaboration with global developers and embraces a community-driven ethos. Continuously updating its content to reflect ecosystem changes, THORChain University ensures users remain informed and equipped for optimal engagement within the evolving THORChain.


The top community projects within the THORChain ecosystem exemplify the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment that defines this vibrant network. From venture collectives like 0xVentures to platforms like Thorchads DAO nurturing creativity, each project contributes uniquely to the growth and enrichment of the ecosystem. QiCapital’s guidance through market complexities and Thorswap’s Discord community’s active engagement showcase the diverse support structures available to users. Lends and THORChain University underscore the commitment to accessibility and education, ensuring that participants can leverage the ecosystem’s offerings effectively and responsibly. Together, these projects exemplify the dynamic and inclusive nature of the THORChain community, driving forward the adoption and advancement of blockchain technology and decentralized finance.


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