What type of products can i buy with cryptocurrency?

What type of products can i buy with cryptocurrency?

Those who are new to the bitcoin world have approached the currency as an investment vehicle. However, the original Bitcoin (BTC) community views bitcoin as an alternative to the fiat currencies common today. Although the currency is still gaining traction, there are many ways users can spend bitcoin as the creator intended. Many large organizations have begun to accept bitcoin. Recognizing the demand, there are now options to purchase from other small retailers or a crypto marketplace.

What type of products can i buy with cryptocurrency?

When we say there is variety, we mean there is so much so that users can find something to buy for every letter of the alphabet.

What type of products can I buy with cryptocurrency?

A Class Limousines

The next time you visit the Newark airport, visitors can pay for a limo pick-up or drop off with bitcoin.


For those who can’t decide between purchasing digital or physical gold, the choice might not be over. Users can make purchases from the website BitGold and JM Bullion to purchase their first precious metals.


Many have found that with their newfound wealth, they want to give back to the community. Some of the most popular charities that will accept bitcoin donations are the American Red Cross, a charity aimed at disaster relief.

Doge Christmas sweater

The website Belovedshirts has many variations of the Doge sweatshirt made available for purchase through PayPal and bitcoin.

Epic X Chrono Black Titanium

Several luxury watches are now available for purchase with bitcoin. Users may find a Seller to deal with directly or through a crypto marketplace. These marketplaces often offer several different products users can browse through on an online storefront. One of these platforms is CryptoExchange, which also offers watch models including;

  • Astronomia
  • Opera Godfather
  • Twin Turbo Black DLC


Many recognize Overstock as one of the first online retailers to accept and fully support bitcoin payments. The platform now has table lamps, ceiling fans and even kitchen cabinets.

Gaming systems

Newegg is an online retailer specializing in computer hardware and consumer electronics, including several gaming systems. Among them are console, computer and legacy gaming systems.

Homedepot gift cards

The platform eGifter allows users to purchase gift cards for various retailers, including Home Depot, Bestbuy, Lowes, and Macy’s. eGifter conducts all transactions through BitPay, which requires users to scan a QR code at the time of checkout.

Internet services and broadband

AT&T, the well-known American mobile services provider, is among the first to offer a cryptocurrency payment option through BitPay. BitPay is a cryptocurrency payment aggregator that helps to facilitate transactions for customers that purchase AT&T’s services through their online account or with the myAT&T app.

Jamba Juice

Those familiar with the brand Jamba Juice and their associate smoothies, packs, juice shots, and grab-and-go foods will be happy to know that they can make purchases with bitcoin. To facilitate these transactions, the Gemini network has created the Spedn app, which converts bitcoin to fiat currency at the time of the purchase. Users can simply scan their wallets through a QR code when making an order.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC Canada dabbled in cryptocurrency with the bitcoin bucket available for purchase at select locations.

Lamborghini and other luxury vehicles

Several car dealerships and online storefronts have made it possible for users to purchase a vehicle with cryptocurrency. Cryptoexchange has luxury vehicles from Lamborghini to Rolls Royce and everything in between.

Mavericks tickets

Many know Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner, as a once crypto skeptic. The tables have since turned, with his announcement to accept bitcoin through the team’s website. To make this possible for fans, the Mavericks leverages BitPay.

Norwegian Airlines Flights

Norwegian Airlines has become well-known as Europe’s third-largest budget airline. In a 2020 interview with Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX), the CEO shares that his crypto trading platform has recently found a solution that will allow customers to purchase plane tickets with bitcoin.

Oscar vote counters

Although we may not know how the Oscar voting process works, one thing we do know is that counting the votes or anything else for that matter can be done with bitcoin.

Paintings and sculptures

Perhaps you are looking for a new art piece. Singulart has become a popular online art store for paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other media art pieces for sale. Users may also browse through a range of emerging and acclaimed artists. When it comes time to purchase, users can take advantage of free shipping worldwide and returns. As well as purchase with bitcoin.


Overstock also offers floral, patchwork, and striped quilts available for purchase with bitcoin for those planning on doing a little redecorating.

Real estate

In the last few years, buying a property with bitcoin has also become more and more popular. Many brokers have identified themselves as specialized in the handling of cryptocurrency dealings. These properties offer a wide selection of property in locations across the globe. The cryptoexchange marketplace is another location where users can interact with sellers looking to exchange their properties for digital currencies.

Soap made with hemp oil

Consumers can now purchase Bitsoaps in the shape of physical bitcoins. Bitsoap’s makes its products with hemp seed oil and castile soap combined with essential oils. Soaps come in various scents, including lavender and charcoal, which users can buy with bitcoin.


Treehouse is an online learning platform with courses including coding, all of which learners can pay for in bitcoin.

Uppercase initial pendants

The jewellery store Reeds offers various white gold pendants that are available for bitcoin purchase online or in-store.

Video games

Green Man Gaming allows users to buy Steam keys with bitcoin and purchase digital versions for any gaming device, including Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo. Users may even get a deal that is better than the market price.

Website domains

Domains ending in .com, .org, .net and various other available options are available for purchase on Crypto exchange. Here users may also choose to add on additional options such as SSL certification. To assist in the domain transfer process, users may choose to add on the escrow services option at the time of checkout.


Users can purchase a variety of xylophones on Amazon. Although Amazon doesn’t take cryptocurrency directly, bitcoin holders can navigate to and purchase Amazon gift cards with the digital currency.


Denison Yacht Sales has opened bitcoin as a payment option to its customers for charters and sales. Denison joins additional providers that will use BitPay as a processing service to conduct these transactions.

Zynga mobile games

Zynga is a popular platform for mobile games and applications, including Crazy Kitchen, Farmville 2, and Dawn of the Titans.


The list of places that accepts bitcoin continues to grow, including over 93 Etsy stores and various platforms that accept PayPal. Therefore, a list that once contained one offering for each letter may quickly grow to find many options for each.

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