Tips for Choosing Stocks in Intraday Trading

As we all know, stock trading is advancing every day, and this is the major reason behind its popularity. But investing in stocks is not the same as it used to be. New methods of investment have come into existence for gaining profits in a short span of time. Intraday stock trading is one of them.

However, intraday trading is not that easy, and one needs to have all the information regarding this type of trading to invest and gain on a daily basis. The most vital and basic thing that one should know is how to choose stocks for intraday.One just cannot choose random stocks and start intraday trading. In this section, we will talk about every aspect a trader should think about before choosing stocks for intraday trading. Before we begin with the intraday trading tips and tricks, let’s have a look at the fundamental meaning of intraday trading for a better understanding.

Intraday training: An introduction

Buying and selling of securities on the same trading day are known as intraday trading. Intraday traders make profits with the help of high fluctuation in the prices of various stocks. They earn on a daily basis. This is the reason why investors who don’t want to invest their money for a long period and want profit every day choose intraday trading over normal investment in stocks.

People usually get confused with the basics of intraday trading, or they don’t know how to do intraday trading. Well, it is not that difficult; you just need to have proper information about the market and buy securities when they are at their low price during the day and sell them when you think you are making good profits before the market closes. Trading session closing time is a lesser problem for crypto day trading though, as the crypto market and crypto exchanges are open 24/7. Now, let’s talk about some tips and tricks you should follow before proceeding with buying/selling securities in intraday trading.

Effective tips for intraday trading

●        Seek stocks that are traded in significant quantities

Liquidity is vital for any stock that is being purchased, but it is especially important in day trading. Investors seek the capacity to enter and exit the deals really quickly, and only high liquidity can offer this flexibility.

The popularity of any stock is directly proportional to its liquidity rate. When investors choose intraday trading, they must seek stocks that have higher liquidity. Any stock can be considered to have higher liquidity if it trades more than the average volume.

Moreover, stocks with wider ownership are ideal. Fewer participants can participate if the stocks are now owned widely. Exchange websites can be used to analyze the ownership pattern of stocks in the market.

●        Stay updated with the shifting of gainers and losers

Comprehending the market trends is easier with this. One can see real-time movements of gainers and losers all through the day. And, the entire industry is likely to be influenced by a minor shift.

Choosing the top gainer is not enough; the wise thing to do is to check the liquidity after that. The shift of gainers and losers is quite frequent, and this ultimately affects your selection of stocks as well.

●        Avoid ‘Penny Stocks’

The basic reason behind this tip is the liquidity of ‘Penny Stocks.’ As we have already mentioned, liquidity is significant to determine the profitability of a stock through the movements in its price. While ‘Penny Stocks’ is definitely not the other name for loss, an extensive amount of research shall be needed before the investment, and it is more appropriate for long-term investments.

●        Shortlist stocks that are easy to comprehend

When using the ‘Top Down’ strategy, the first step is to consider the economy; secondly, the sector; and lastly, the stocks. You must identify industries that are most familiar to you and that you can readily comprehend. Proper understanding is highly vital.

Once you have the list of comprehensible stocks, you can note the patterns and grab the intraday opportunity real soon.

●        Know the market trend

Day traders cannot ignore the cruciality of trends in the market. It is wiser to know the trends and follow them as intraday trading takes place in one market session. Trading against the movement of the market can lead to loss.


Simple tips and tricks can vastly affect your profitability in intraday trading. Knowing your stocks well and having good knowledge about the market patterns can help you make great gains in the market.

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