6 Ways To Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time

6 Ways To Make Extra Money In Your Spare Time

Whether you’re a nine-to-five employee, a stay-at-home parent, or a college student, most of you are still actively finding ways of earning extra money on the side. However, the thought of engaging in a second or third part-time job may create inconveniences for you.

It may create conflicts with your main job, or you may not be able to enjoy your holidays, weekends, or evenings. And so, you’ll just drop the idea of getting an additional job and focus on your full-time job.

But the great news is that there are numerous ways to earn extra bucks without having to compromise your full-time job. As long as you set aside a few extra minutes from your spare time, you can use that in earning money without committing to any specific hours of your day.

If you’re wondering how to pull that off, here are six creative ways you can make extra money in your spare time.

  1. Take Online Surveys

This list wouldn’t even be complete without the traditional online surveys. The best thing about these paid online surveys is that you don’t need any special skills or expertise to try out this option. All you need to prepare is your phone or laptop and internet, then you can start answering as many as you can. However, this isn’t a get-rich-quick strategy wherein you get good hourly pay in every survey you get to answer.

But in exchange, you get to earn a few bucks, free gift cards, and other freebies just by completing online surveys or watching videos from reputable brands and apps. To help you get started with online surveys, you can visit and other reputable online survey websites and create your account. After that, you can spend all your spare time with these surveys and earn extra money.

  1. Sell Your Photos Online

Aside from your full-time job, perhaps you also have hobbies which you do during your free time. If you’re fond of taking photographs as a hobby, how about if you use that hobby to earn extra money?

You can sell your photographs online and submit them on websites that often pay photographers in exchange for their photos being used on their articles or digital books. If you’re skilled at taking good pictures, this can be a perfect source of earning little money by doing what you’re good at.

  1. Write Articles

If you possess the skill for writing, you can make extra money by becoming a writer for different websites and publishers. Choose a niche you’re truly familiar with, and find a website or a blog that matches your subject. Then, you can get paid for every article you wrote and submit it to these websites.

You can also choose to work as a freelanceor a part-time writer for a specific publisher. Remember that to qualify for this hustle, your articles must be free of any grammatical errors, misspellings, and plagiarism. Who knows, you might soon become more established and start your own website as a side business.

  1. Sell Pre-Loved Items

Another way to earn money during your free time is by selling your used or pre-loved items. Instead of hoarding clothes, shoes, or furniture you no longer use, you can earn some hard cash from them by putting them on sale on any of the reputable e-commerce websites on the internet. Not only are you making extra bucks from your ‘junks,’ but you also get to free up extra space and maximize it for better use.

  1. Apply As A Pet-Sitter

Who would’ve thought that looking after someone’s else pet for a few hours can be a great way to earn extra income during your free time? If you believe you’re reliable and passionate about looking after animals, use this passion to make some pocket money.

What’s more, you can also choose to pick as many pets as you can handle and take them for a stroll or look after them in your own home. Not only are you earning extra bucks, but you also get to enjoy pet therapy, and spend your free time outdoors with these adorable pets.

  1. Play Mobile Games

Most of you tend to spend your break time scrolling on your mobile phone or, perhaps, playing mobile games. If this sounds like you, why not use this habit to get paid? There are plenty of mobile games and video games available that can pay you some bucks if you win their levels, finish a game ad, or simply participate in the game.

Keep in mind that the pay isn’t as good as becoming a professional gamer. But if you’re passionate about playing video games, you can try this out and earn some money while doing what you love, right?

Wrap Up

All these can’t make you instantly rich. However, these are all good and legit ways to help you earn extra money during your spare time, or even if you’re on a lunch break, sitting at the airport, or having a lazy time lounging in front of the TV. After all, it’s better to earn something than nothing.

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