PNB Net Banking – How Can you Activate and Register Online Banking?

PNB Net Banking – How Can you Activate and Register Online Banking?

Learn What is the Procedure to Activate or Register to the PNB Net Banking? and Login steps. PNB or Punjab National bank is one of the convenient and easily accessible banks in the country. The bank is now availing the net banking services so the customers can allow different task without any trouble or hassle. Apart from checking the account details, you can also make the transaction online too. For that, there is no need to visit or move anywhere.

 The process can be done by using a device and the internet. However, with that, you also need to register, long, and activate your Pnb net banking.

How to Register PNB Net Banking?


The bank is offering their services so the account details can be easily checked, open the account online, pay the bills, etc. its ease and access the money can be instantly transferred, withdraw the money and can get the rate of interest as well. There are also tons of other benefits which the users can enjoy.

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Well, those who want to enjoy the benefits they need to activate as well as register their accounts for net banking. Also, you need to have the account with the Punjab national bank first. If you have already, then Here are the steps based on retailer user or corporate user.

Retail Users:

  • You need to visit the website of PNB net banking
  • Log in to internet banking
  • If you are not registered, then click on new user
  • Here you need to add account number, type of registration and after that register for internet banking. Continue with ‘verify.’
  • Enter now the type of facility. Here you will get the OTP. continue after entering the OTP received on the register number
  • Enter the debit card number, ATM pin and continue
  • Now you need to set your login as well as transaction password. Enter it twice to confirm
  • Once you are done, you will get the user-id
  • After that, you can log in with the details you get here

Corporate Users:

You can also register or activate, but for that, you need to visit the bank branch. Also, you need to download the PNB – 1212 form and fill the needed details. Once you are done, you can submit to the bank to access the net banking-related facilities. You will get a corporate ID, password, and Administer ID.

Also, the corporate id will be the same for the other users as the Admin and identified corporate

The administrate can handle all the related activities, including transaction completion and creating another for users.

PNB Online Banking Login:

There are step and step procedure to log in for retail and corporate users both

Retail users

  • Visit the online portal
  • Enter your id and continue, then add the is and customer id will be exactly same
  • Login by clicking on the password
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • You will get the OTP on your registered mobile number. Submit the OTP
  • After you are done, you need to select the seven questions out of the security 50 questions. By clicking the register, you can continue
  • Here you will get the image to select and write the phrase relevance. Login by submitting option

Here you need to use the corporate user net banking portal

You need to use the corporate id, admin user id, and password. After its done, you need to use the user ID and login password

  • If you are going to login first time, then you need to enter OTP which will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Set up the seven security questions, image, and phrase
  • After the login, you need to change the password as well for the first-timer.

How can you Transfer Funds?

Before you start, you need to add the beneficiary account on whom you are sending your funds. You can do it by following easy steps; however, for transferring funds, there is two procedure based on retail and corporate users.

If you are transferring to your own account:

Retail users:

  • First login to the internet banking
  • Click on the given options like transaction and then the own account
  • Now you need to choose the account on which you are transferring the funds. You will get dropdown boxes here.
  • Before you click the continue, add the amount
  • Now enter your transaction password and once you are done click on the submit to complete the payment
  • If you are transferring to another account but the same bank

Corporate users: 

  • Log in to the net banking
  • Click on the option transaction and then choose within PNB
  • Select the beneficiary and amount.
  • You can transfer the money at the same time, or you can change the date if its future payment. You can get options like daily, weekly, monthly, half-yearly, quarterly, and yearly.
  • Click the continue option
  • Enter your transaction password and continue with submitting to complete the transaction

If you are Transferring to Another Bank via IMPS/ NEFT / RTGS

Retail Users

  • Log in to the net banking
  • Click on the transaction and choose the NEFT/ RTGS/IMPS
  • Select the amount you want to transfer and add the beneficiary or select if you did that already
  • Enter your amount
  • If you want to transfer the fund on a specific date, then choose one. But the date will be set as default which is the current date if you didn’t change
  • Choose the frequency, either its one-time payment, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Continue your transaction and enter the password.
  • Once you are done click on submit so it can complete

Corporate Users

The complete process will be the same for corporate users. However, you don’t get the IMPS option.


You firstly need to have an account to enjoy the net banking with PNB. However, after following certain steps, you can register a login. Also, the fund transfer is easy for both corporate and retail users. PNB has the safe, hassle-free, protected, and simple transferring funds process so you can get access where ever you want.

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