How to Request for Bank of Baroda Cheque Book Online?

How to Request for Bank of Baroda Cheque Book Online?

Cheque book is one of the essential aspects and a record for financial transaction. Cheques are the vast medium of payment used in throughout the world. Cheque book can be issued to anyone who is an account holder of Bank of Baroda.

It doesn’t matter which type of account you are running with the bank. You will receive a cheque book for sure. However, most of the business is relies on cheques only. They prefer paying by cheque instead of doing fund transfer — Bank of Baroda, which is one of the leading banks in the government banking sector is all set to provide the services you need, Recently, they came up with their new facility in which consumer can apply for his new cheque book online.

How to Request Bank of Baroda Cheque Book Online?


Gone the days where you need to visit your bank for requesting your new copy of cheque book. Apart from the Private Banking Sector, The government Banking sector is also improving and trying to provide the same facilities to compete. Bank of Baroda gives us three options from which we can request a new copy of cheque book online.

The three options are:

  1. Net Banking
  2. ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
  3. Phone Banking

#1 Net Banking: 

We are living in the 21st century and the world of digitalization. Should you be aware of using Internet Banking? No?

Internet Banking is a new trend from which you can avail most of the banking services by sitting at your home or by the touch of your fingertips. You can even request for a cheque book by using your Bank of Baroda Internet Banking account. For this, you need to activate it by visiting your branch for once. However, if you already had the required details, then let us show you the steps.

  1. First, you need to visit the net banking portal and the same you can do it by clicking here:
  2. Fill out the correct & required information such as your login id and password and click on submit.
  3. On the top menu, you will find the option of ‘Services.’ Just click on it.
  4. On the next screen, click on request new cheque book.
  5. Now, confirm your account number, number of leaves you need and click on submit.

#2 ATM (Automated Teller Machine):

If you are not having access to internet banking, No worries, you can still apply your new cheque book just by visiting the nearest ATM of Bank of Baroda.

You need to swipe your ATM aka debit card and then enter the four-digit PIN.

There you will find the option of Requesting new cheque book just follow the screen.

#3 Phone Banking: 

If you don’t have access to internet banking and don’t even want to go any nearest atm. There is one last option left for the same. You need to contact on tollfree numbers of Bank of Baroda listed below.




Once the call is connected, verify it by entering your debit card details, and soon a customer executive will connect with you. You can ask him for the new cheque book of your account.


There is no doubt the private banking sector is growing faster than the government banking sector. But, Government banks also trying to provide better facilities to their account holder. In fact, the Bank of Baroda already started the process of giving cheque books online. The user can now request for his new bank of Baroda cheque book by sitting at home.

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