Be Smart When Buying CMM Equipment and Choose Used

Be Smart When Buying CMM Equipment and Choose Used

Machines can do the work of multiple factory employees, but some work better than others and finding this equipment at a lower price can be a huge boon for your bottomline. Savvy shoppers can find used high-performance Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM machines) that are in spectacular condition for a difference-making price if they know where to look.

Let’s examine why it’s best to search and browse for used CMM machines from a reputable metrology dealer that has been in business for years.

Code of Ethics

The best CMM dealers are authorized by the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), which means they will uphold their code of ethics when selling used equipment. Such dealers guarantee that customers receive accurate information about the machine’s condition, specifications, and adherence to industry terms and definitions while they’re shopping.

Buying used from such an MDNA authorized dealer also means you’ll get a full refund on any machinery found to be mechanically unsatisfactory, or it’ll be repaired at the dealer’s option. What happens if you buy equipment from an independent dealer or from an auction, and it breaks shortly after? You’ll be out of luck.

Professional Inspections

If you were to inspect a CMM machine to see if everything were in good working order, would you even know what to look for? Buying a CMM machine is not like buying a used car!

Equipment that is relied on for repeatable, reliable results in a factory needs to have the probes, drive systems, air lines, bearings, and cabling thoroughly inspected first by an expert. The best dealerships conduct the most thorough inspections, and if the machines don’t work properly once they hit the factory floor, they’ll repair them for free.

CMM machines play an outsized role in determining the quality of your factory’s goods, so you better be sure that the people inspecting this equipment know what they’re doing.

Software Consultation

Sometimes old machines can do brand new things once they’re loaded with new software. If you need the used CMM machine to do something different than it was intended for, there could be software to help you out.

Reputable CMM dealers are the best people to speak to about the latest software. They’ll make sure yours is optimal instead of obsolete.

Professional Calibration

CMM machines can’t just be shipped to the factory, plugged into an electrical outlet, and work to spec. When you buy a CMM machine from an authorized dealer, a professional will install it.

Even factors like the room’s temperature can affect the machine’s performance, so everything needs to be accounted for right from the start. You depend on these machines to assure quality control, so you can’t be too careful setting them up.

CMM machines save manufacturers tons of money, but this equipment can represent even more savings if it’s purchased used from a reputable dealer. If you find a great deal on dubious equipment, you might get what you pay for. Don’t take chances when buying CMM equipment and look for a dealer that’s been in operation for decades.

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