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Different Types of Credit Cards (Best Kredittkort)

Different Types of Credit Cards (Best Kredittkort)

We can differentiate many options when choosing the best credit card for your needs. However, before deciding, you should understand the best option available. You can find various providers or issuers that will offer you different types. Here, we wish to discuss the market’s most popular credit card options. Let us start from the beginning.

Credit cards

Balance Transfer

You have probably heard about a card that will help you repay existing debt from other cards you have. Therefore, you can use the balance transfer option to move balances from different accounts into one with an introductory zero-percent interest period between six months and two years, depending on numerous factors. The best thing about it is the lack of interest rate for the initial period, meaning you can repay the amount you owe without causing severe issues to your credit score and overall income. Besides, other cards feature double-digit interest rates of over twenty percent, meaning you will have severe debt after a few uncontrollable purchases. You should know that the process is only partially free because you must pay a transfer fee when you decide to move the money.

We are talking about two to five percent of the overall amount. The best way to learn more about digital lenders is by clicking here to learn more about the different opportunities you can choose. Therefore, when you choose a balance transfer card, you should determine the interest-free period and the fee you must handle throughout the process. For instance, you can save more money by choosing a shorter introductory period with a lower transfer fee. Everything depends on the amount you owe, meaning you should calculate the best saving ability.

For instance, you can spend on these cards the same way as you would with a normal one. The main idea is to repay the debt you owe and take advantage of zero percent interest. Afterward, you can decline or continue using it as a regular card. However, most balance transfer cards feature significant interest rates after the introductory period ends. Therefore, it is better to take advantage of another option after you handle the significant debt you had beforehand.


We are talking about the most convenient and straightforward option on the market. This one is specifically created for shopping. When you get a purchase card, you will obtain a zero-percent interest period for a few months, allowing you to spend money without accruing interest until you repay the balance. If you wish to purchase something expensive, this is a perfect solution, while you will need time to handle the expense.

However, we recommend you clear everything you owe before the billing date ends because you will have a high-interest rate afterward. Suppose you end up paying interest. In that case, you will lose the benefits the introductory period has given you. Therefore, we recommend that you repay the debt or move it to a balance transfer card to take advantage of the additional grace period. That way, you can prevent potential expenses from affecting your overall finances.


The main idea is to get a cashback option if you wish to clear your balance each month without planning to build debt throughout the process. Compared with other rewards cards, you will get a reward for good spending habits by receiving a percentage of spending in cash. You usually get between one and five percent cashback when you reach a certain balance. The worst thing about these cards is the high-interest rate, which is worthwhile only if you want to repay everything you spent before the billing date and interest accruing the balance you rolled over to the next month.



It is vital to remember that an alternative way to take advantage of clearing the balance each month is by getting a rewards card. Instead of offering you cash as an incentive for spending, reward cards feature numerous points you can use in different stores and for specific products. We are discussing options ranging from getting Airmiles you can redeem for free airfare or hotel stays to those you can use in the supermarket to obtain discounts on things you purchase frequently. That way, you can maximize rewards, but we recommend checking with a provider and reading the terms and conditions beforehand.

Store Card

Another common credit card form is the one you will get in specific stores for use only for buying items inside. They feature amazing introductory offers, meaning some come with ten to twenty percent discounts as a welcome bonus and ongoing discounts on certain items depending on numerous factors. However, the biggest disadvantage is the significant interest rate if you only pay for some things on time. You can find options with an interest rate of thirty percent, which you will get with regular cards, only with lousy creditworthiness.

We recommend you avoid taking advantage of store cards because the disadvantages outshine the potential benefits you will get. Consider using the one for a single-time purchase when you get twenty percent on specific clothes. In that case, you should take a card and pay for a lower price, and the next thing is filling the card with money from your bank account, meaning you should pay as soon as possible before interest eats your discount. At the same time, you can immediately transfer the amount to the balance transfer card, which will help you avoid hefty interest rates while you will get time to repay the amount you took.

Travel Card

As mentioned above, we can differentiate numerous credit card options available on the market. However, the travel option is specific because you will get rewards that will offer you additional enjoyment and worth, especially if you frequently travel and wish to take advantage of it. You can choose a hotel, airline, and flexible credit card, depending on your preferences. Remember that hotel cards will allow you to earn points towards a specific hotel chain. For instance, you can use it to pay Marriott or Hilton, ultimately making your accommodation more comfortable and unlocking services you would not get.

Airline cards will allow you to earn miles by flying with specific airlines such as Delta, United, and many more. Finally, flexible cards or beste kredittkort – come from providers such as Chase, American Express, or Visa, meaning you will get various offers for numerous purchases. They can offer you a chance to earn points that you can redeem or transfer via various partnerships and loyalty programs, including numerous airlines and hotels worldwide. Therefore, they are flexible because you can use multiple airlines or hotels to earn rewards and rewards.

You should know that most travel cards feature a welcome offer, which will award you many points after spending a certain amount on the card for a specific period. Afterward, like any other option, you will continue earning points using a card for specific purchases. We can differentiate various tier options. Although some travel cards do not feature an annual fee, you should know that some of them are highly expensive. Everything depends on the option you decide to get. Some may charge you below a hundred dollars, while others can go up to a thousand, but you will get fantastic rewards in luxurious hotels and airlines.

Final Word

As you can see from everything mentioned above, you can choose various options regarding credit cards. Everything depends on your preferences and what you wish to achieve. Whatever you need, it is vital to think everything through and choose based on different factors to help you determine personal goals. The main idea is to think about each step beforehand, which will help you determine the option to provide you peace of mind. Besides, the better you choose, the lower your chances of entering a vicious deb.

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