How to make money playing Mines of Dalarnia game?

How to make money playing Mines of Dalarnia game?

Mines of Dalarnia (DAR) is a new entry in the genre that makes use of the power of blockchain technologies. It is a decentralized platform for generating income through gaming and mining real estate. All of the game’s resources are distributed as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which may be exchanged and traded on the open market using blockchain technology.

Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are the two blockchains on which Mines of Dalarnia operates, using DAR as its native cryptocurrency (BSC). Ethereum token, Mines of Dalarnia(DAR) enables Mines of Dalarnia, a play-to-earn game with mining, multiplayer combat, and resource collection mechanics.

How to play Mines of Dalarnia?

In this game, players have to gather rare materials, improve and construct gear, compete, and win prizes. Players’ primary goal in the mines is to mine different beneficial NFT items while trying to kill deadly monsters. Additionally, people can mine crucial resources like iron, gold, and others to help with mining. In MoD, NFT items are coined. So, they can be traded on the game’s market.

How to earn playing Mines of Dalarnia?

For those who desire to play the game, The Mines of Dalarnia provides three different beginner packages. The free bundle, the introductory package for beginners, and the limited-edition package are all included in this. Choose the free or basic bundle to get started if you don’t want to take any chances. Here are some tips for you to earn the maximum amount

  • If you are ready to invest some money in it purchase a mining passport of $20. This pass will give you access to all mines in Terra Prime land and future planets. This can be done with the free version but it will take a lot of time to unlock all the items.
  • Participate in the land auction or purchase land from a secondary marketplace. The more minerals the land has the more money it will bring to you. Landowners can also earn by renting their property
  • In Mines of Dalarnia users can craft equipment and tools that they can use as well as sell
  • Have some strong craftable blades or weapons for mining and try to earn maximum reward through it.
  • You can use pets to help you dig mines
  • You can also take part in various competitions. Landowners having the most active miners can host various completions

How much investment do you need to earn from Mines of Dalarnia?

You can start playing absolutely free if you want. But there are a few limitations in the free version. It will take a lot of time to unlock a lot of resources needed to play. The amount of investment varies depending on the package you are going to purchase. Any investment in this game is subject to risk hence we do not suggest investing. Depending on your requirement and capability you can choose to invest or play without investing.

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