Top 7 Financial Investment Calculator Apps for Android

Top 7 Financial Investment Calculator Apps for Android

Upon reaching the middle of 2020, we are coming across a lot of Investment Calculator Apps that can be installed in the Android Phones. These apps help in making the calculation for making investment decisions and other financial jobs an easy task. With these, we are able to calculate the generous problems related to investment. These apps help us to turn down the complexities in Economics, Mathematics, Statistics, depreciation, and Real Estate into an easy one.

Calculations over the aspects of Insurance, Mutual Fund, and other banking issues are also made easier. The services offered by such Apps are exclusively free.

For more clarity, we bring an illustration of some of the top-notch apps

The Financial Calculator:


The application is one of the prime-rated Investment Calculator Apps. It is offered free of cost for iOS and Android users. The facilities within include the TVM Calculator, Retirement Calculator, and APR Calculator. Users can easily penetrate through the currency converter.

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Besides displaying the converted currency, the app displays a graphic showing the legitimacy of increase and decrease of value over a span of two small duration.

The device helps in calculating or predicting the future increase or decrease in the currency value. There are provisions for calculating the loan disbursal amount too.

The SL Calculator:

It requires Andriod 4.3 and above versions. Investment Calculator Apps is ideal for people who want to spend a properly planned life. Ability to help in making smart decisions help lead a decent life in the future times too.

The most common things can be calculated by using the App. These include Age, Current Age, Withdrawal Age, and Annual Income. The total amount of accruable finances at the time of retirement can be calculated too.

PowerOne Finance Calculator

These sorts of Investment Calculator Apps are mandatory for people involved in Real Estate Business. The functionality includes both the RPN and the algebraic formalities. People also like the powerful design and aesthetic feels when you see the app configuration. Clear and precise keys are provided in the device to make the understanding comparatively easier.

The 10bii

According to the financial experts, this app is going to be the best illustrated of Investment Calculator Apps in the current year. The updated version will help you calculate the time value of money and ROI among various other features. The workable device even helps the user through the sharing of works among peers. The app even provides a guideline about the uses of such an application. Such guidelines and tutorials help in using the software in the best ways.


The Touch Fin of Investment Calculator Apps

The app is used mainly by the top-notch professionals. The application is a paid one and merely making an entrance is also payable. The powerful app goes extremely in the 4.0.3 version of Investment Calculator Apps Android. The current version of the App is 2.56.

With the presence of graphs and spreadsheets, the app helps in better analyzing current finances.

BA Financial Calculator

The application software is offered for free; the current version is 1.3.3; the system is compatible with Android 2.3 onwards.

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The Investment Calculator App has dual input & output feature; proper applications help the user to look at the output almost immediately after entering the values.

The App helps the user in tracking the finances, statistics, and amortization. The App displays NVP profiles too; therefore, the users with a greater interest in financing will be highly benefited from the software.

The Smart Financial Calculator

The application software has incorporated almost all of the features referred to for so long. Besides, the Investment Calculator App helps the user to erase the calculations that are made so far. It can be done by simply shaking of the phone.  Therefore, the fresh value could be added to make other calculations.

The App incorporates the Sale and Loan calculator; such additions help in making the calculations easier.


If you feel lagging behind others in aspects like the financial planning for the future, Investment Calculator Apps help in a great deal. The application software we have discussed in the article cover premium features. These features help in the creation of better financial and statistical models including time value of money. The other attributes are Present Value Regression, and Progressive Permutation and Combination. These help in the research process too.

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