How to Trade Forex

How to Trade Forex

Forex trade has been on the rise over the years, making the securities market the largestfinancial market globally. In order to participate in forex exchanges, you need some basic but vital knowledge on how the trade works. For beginner forex traders, it can be simple to carry out your first forex trade, provided you have great trading platform plus amounts to trade.

A good trading platform will guarantee success in the forex market. Meta Trader 4 is one of the leading trusted trading software that guarantees efficiency in forextrade.You can by searching for it online and installing it in your trading device, be it a phone or computer, so that you can utilize it for trade.

There are four important steps that will guide you into performing that first trade you have always desired. The steps comprise the following.

1.                 Choosing a Currency Pair

Forex trading involves exchanging a single currency for an alternative. Simply put, you purchase one currency and sell another currency simultaneously. As a result of this notion, currencies are exchanged in pairs.

There are numerous currency pairs in the market. Most traders opt to trade with currency pairs that are commonly provided in the market like the USD/EUR (US dollar vs Euro).

Therefore, pick the currency pair of your liking, which you will utilize to perform your first forex trade.

2.                 Evaluating the market

Market analysis should always guide you in your trading choices. Under market analysis, there are various aspects that you must put into consideration. They include market developments, current events, news releases, and the prices of related assets in the market. Therefore, evaluate the market well and avoid acting on emotions as you may end up with severe losses in the market.

Do proper research of the currency pair you have picked to trade with. It may seem overwhelming at the initial stages as there is a lot of information to analyze. However, over time, you will come across beneficial resources that are unique from others.

3.                 Reading the quote

When observing the currency pair’s quotes, you will realize that two prices are displayed. One of the prices is the selling price and the other is the buying price of the currency pair. There is usually a slight difference between the selling and buying price of the currency pair, which is commonly referred to as the spread.

The spread is the quantity charged by the trader for performing the trade. Most times, the spreads differ from one trader to another. Hence, it is upon you to find the one that suits you in terms of the currency spreads.

4.                 Selecting your position

Unlike trading stocks, bonds plus other financial markets which require you to speculate in a single direction only, currency trading allows speculation on both the upward and downward movements of the currency pairs in the marketplace.

There are two common positions to pick in currency trading. There are buy and sell positions. If you choose to pick a buy position, it implies that you presume the base currency shall rise in comparison to the quoted currency. For instance, if you are trading with the EUR/USD currency pair, by taking up the buying position, you assume theEuro will strengthen against the dollar, and is said to be bullish whereas the dollar is bearish.

On the other hand, choosing to go with the sell position implies that you assume the base currency shall fall in comparison to the quoted currency price. Therefore, the Euro shall weaken against the dollar, and hence opt to sell it.


By following the above four steps, youcan easily make your first trade. The steps are easy to understand and follow. The most challenging bit may be step two which involves carrying out market analysis. However challenging it may be, do not give up, because once you are used to the trade, the whole process is smooth and easy to handle.

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