SBI Net Banking Online Registration – How to Get SBI Internet Banking?

SBI Net Banking Online Registration – How to Get SBI Internet Banking?

Net banking is when you perform all your banking jobs through the internet. You can access your bank through any device at any time. You do not need to be physically present in the bank, for every banking problem. From checking your bank balance to transacting money to your friends or family, you can perform all types of job just by a click. And the best part of net banking is that you can access it 24X7, you do not need to depend on when the bank will execute your requests. You can do it all from the comfort of your home. With so many people using net banking nowadays, the interface of net banking of every bank has been made, and everything can be done in simple steps. You can also get higher interest rate offers. You need to submit lower banking fees. You get loads of cash backs and other rewards. Shopping becomes so much easier when you have an online banking facility. Check the SBI Net Banking Online Registration guide below.

SBI Net Banking Online Registration

SBI Net Banking Online Registration Process With an ATM Card:

  • Go to the homepage of SBI netbanking,
  • Click on “New User Registration/Activation”
  • Enter Account number, CIF number, branch code, country, registered mobile number, the facility required and click on the “Submit” button.
  • Enter OTP (One Time Password) received on your registered mobile number
  • Select ATM card to proceed for activation of the services.
  • Login with temporary username and newly created password.
  • Create a username of your choice that will be your permanent username.
  • Accept terms and conditions and set the login password and profile password and select hint questions and create answers for hint questions.
  • Enter the date of birth, place of birth and registered mobile number.
  • Click on “Account Summary” link to view all account mapped with your account.
  • If you are registered with “View Only Rights”, contact your branch to activate your “transaction rights” with a printout of your online registration process.

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Final Words:

It generally takes about a day or so for your internet banking so start working. Now that you know how you will need to register for an internet banking facility, with or without an ATM card, you should need to do it as soon as possible. However, there are a few downsides to this as well such as you can have no face to face encounters with the customer service. Compared to retail banks you have limited capabilities. It is sometimes difficult to conduct cash transaction with a slow net or if by chance the site of the bank crashes. You will also need to install powerful antivirus in your laptop and phone so that no bugs can attack your phone and take away all your personal banking information.

In case your phone gets stolen you will need to inform the bank to lock your account for a few days so that the thief cannot misuse with your sensitive information. The steps for banking transaction are pretty, and you can learn all the steps in no time. You then can access the bank from any part of the world provided that you have an internet facility. So what are you waiting for? Contact your bank today for the internet facility kit and then follow the steps to be part of this sever growing e-banking family.

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