Market Capitalization Definition and Explained with Example !!

Market Capitalization Definition and Explained with Example !!

When the term market capitalization comes, then you can see that it refers to the total dollar market value. The value that is here talked about is said to be outstanding shares of the company. This outstanding shares is said to be the referred as the market cap and is calculated by multiplying the percentage of the company which are exceptional, and it is done by taking the recent price of the company share. With the help of capitalization, It is said that it uses all sales and its total asset figures.

Why is Market Capitalization Essential?

If you take a look at this, then you can see that there are many people who all have got some common misconception about it. Usually, they think that the per-share stock price is holding the same importance as the market capitalization. But to make it clear, you need to understand that all these things are not the same slightly differ very much from each other. So, when you look at the starting point for evaluation, then you must start to look at the stock.

From the market capitalization, you can determine a lot of things which give details about the small-cap, mid-cap and large-cap as well. As per the analysts, they are seen to be using some different numbers so that others can add some micro caps and mega caps. By doing this all thing, you can say that one can understand the values of comparing all companies and of similar size. With that too, you can balance the portfolio also.


Example of It:

If you can’t understand about it clearly, then for you, here is the example. Let us assume some things about a company.

  • Let the stock price of the company be $50.
  • Let the outstanding shares by 50 million.
  • Then the total market cap is $50 X 50,000,000 = $2.5 billion.

The Following Company:

  • The stock price is $10.
  • Company’s outstanding shares is 300 million.
  • So total market cap is $10 X 300,000,000 = $3 billion.

By this example, you can see that you can compare the pre-shares by yourself and can determine which company is best in this regard.

Are you Choosing the Right Combination for Market Capitalization?

Getting the market capitalization is said to be the whole total value of the company, and it is said to be calculated by the excellent stock price times and that to the number of shares issued. It means that determining the market cap, and it means you are determining the total value of the stock exchange. If you want to divide the market capitalization, then it will be divided into three caps. So, you can get the right idea about the combination to use in market cap.

  • Small-cap

The companies have got the best market cap, which is less than $1 billion. You can see that these caps usually exists in smaller companies, and the risk is high in them. The reason behind all these is very much prone to the default and that too during the downturn. Apart from that, they also have got some lots of room which help in growing, and it can become much profitable as well.

  • Mid-cap

If you are getting into the mid-cap range, then it said to be a little less risky. But if you look for the growth of the company, then it might not be having the same potential for the increase. Usually, in the mid-cap range, the capitalization exists between $1 billion to $5 billion.

  • Large-cap

Under the large-cap, the companies who all have got the risk is said to be very much typical to have the financial resources about the downturn. As they are supposed to be the market leaders, so they have got less room for growth. Moreover, under this cap, you can see that the return capacity gets low, and you too need to provide all stockholders with their dividends.

How It Helps in Valuing the Company?

It is said that it is like the right way to evaluate the company. With the help of it, it shows that due to the stock prices, it is based on investor’s expectations of the total earnings of the company. When the profits start to rise, then you can see that the stock traders then begin to bid with stock price and it includes the number of shares that comes in the calculation offsets which impact all the stock splits.

Advantages of Using Market Capitalization Mode

Market capitalization is one of the best forms by which you can determine the market value of a business. It too helps in determining the total size of the company, and it can be done by multiplying the total price per share by the number of shares. Here is the list of advantages that you can get from the market cap.

  1. Market capitalization is elementary, and it uses the direct method. So you need not have to get any specialized knowledge to determine it, and it helps the company to show the value of the stock as per the value of the market.
  2. If you take a look at the size of the firm, then the market cap excellently helps you. It is said to be the most significant and quickest method to identify the larger, and it comes with more stable firms.
  3. It too improves the basic advantage of the market cap. It helps in reporting the firm’s worth that is based on the total amount of all stock.
  4. Market cap shows the demand, and it is better than it. It too helps in boosting the confidence of the investor.


Here in this article, you can see that all the details along with how to determine the market caps are mentioned here. Even to make it more simple for you all, you too can get through the example that is discussed above and can know about it in a very well manner.

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