Merlin Chain’s Top Bridges for 2024

Merlin Chain’s Top Bridges for 2024

Merlin Chain, a native Bitcoin Layer 2 solution, pioneers the seamless integration of Bitcoin assets with Layer 2 networks, enhancing accessibility and scalability while preserving Bitcoin’s inherent security and decentralization. This article delves into Merlin Chain’s innovative bridges, facilitating effortless asset transfers and fostering broader participation in Bitcoin’s ecosystem.

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Top Merlin Bridges for 2024

1. BoringDAO

BoringDAO emerges as a pivotal player in the blockchain landscape, offering seamless asset transfers across multiple chains through its innovative Merlin Bridge. Here, we dissect the core features of BoringDAO’s Merlin Bridge and its significance in the evolving blockchain ecosystem.

Key Features of BoringDAO’s Merlin Bridge:

  1. Multi-Chain Integration: BoringDAO serves as a vital inter-blockchain conduit, connecting an extensive array of Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) networks. With support for fourteen chains including Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, and more, BoringDAO facilitates frictionless asset transfers across diverse blockchain ecosystems.
  2. oPortal Bridge: The BoringDAO oPortal Bridge stands as a pivotal component, enabling unrestricted asset movement between different chains. Whether it’s stablecoins or governance tokens, any asset can seamlessly transition through BoringDAO’s oPortal, enhancing interoperability and liquidity.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness and Security: BoringDAO prioritizes cost-efficiency and security, offering competitive fees, rapid transaction confirmations, and instant transfers. With an open-source framework and a track record of zero incidents coupled with five code audits, BoringDAO assures users of a secure, decentralized platform.
  4. oTunnel: BoringDAO’s oTunnel further fortifies its cross-chain capabilities by providing a secure mechanism for wrapping assets such as oBTC, oLTC, and oDOGE.

2. Comet Protocol

Comet Protocol, an integral part of the Merlin Chain ecosystem, emerges as a vital interlink communication protocol facilitating seamless interaction between the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems. This article elucidates the core features of Comet Protocol and its pivotal connection to the Merlin Bridge, driving forward the narrative of cross-chain interoperability and innovation.

Key Features of Comet Protocol:

  1. Native Bitcoin Layer2: Empowered by Comet Protocol, Merlin Chain endeavors to unlock the latent potential of Bitcoin on Layer2. Serving as a native Layer2 solution for Bitcoin assets, users, and protocols, Merlin Chain amplifies Bitcoin’s utility and accessibility.
  2. Integration with Merlin Bridge: The integration of Comet Protocol with the Merlin Bridge revolutionizes cross-chain asset transfers. Through the Merlin Bridge, users seamlessly migrate multi-chain assets into Merlin Chain. Furthermore, native assets from Merlin can be effortlessly issued on various other chains.
  3. Efficiency through ZK-Rollup: Comet Protocol incorporates ZK-Rollup technology, augmenting efficiency and scalability. By leveraging ZK-Rollup, Comet Protocol optimizes data transmission through sequencer nodes and decentralized oracles, ensuring heightened transparency and security.
  4. Support for Bitcoin Protocols: Merlin Chain extends support for popular Bitcoin protocols including BRC20, BRC420, Bitmap, Atomicals, Pipe, and Stamp. This broad spectrum of supported protocols enhances inclusivity, enabling a diverse user base to partake in Bitcoin Layer2 activities.

3. Glypher

Glypher stands as a cornerstone within the Merlin Chain ecosystem, offering a comprehensive multi-chain inscription platform designed to enhance interoperability and accessibility.

Key Features of Glypher:

  1. Inscription Bridge: Glypher’s revolutionary Inscription Bridge acts as a vital conduit, connecting disparate blockchain networks and facilitating seamless asset transfers. Serving as bridges and highways for developers, Glypher’s Inscription Bridge streamlines the deployment of decentralized applications (DApps) and wallet integrations, expanding the reach and utility of inscription assets across multiple blockchains.
  2. Application Scenarios:
    • Enhanced Utility for Wallets and DApps: Glypher redefines the landscape of DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi by empowering inscription creators and enhancing the functionality of decentralized applications.
    • Innovating in Payments: Glypher pioneers oracle services, bridging inscription assets with Web2 applications, and fostering innovation in the realm of digital payments.

4. Meson Finance

Meson Finance emerges as a cornerstone within the Merlin Chain ecosystem, offering a secure, cost-efficient, and lightning-fast cross-chain solution for stablecoins. This article elucidates the key features of Meson Finance and its pivotal connection to the Merlin Bridge, driving forward the narrative of cross-chain interoperability and accessibility.

Key Features of Meson Finance:

  1. Minute-Fast Swaps: Meson Finance facilitates near-instantaneous swaps with almost-zero fees and slippage across major blockchains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and more. Users can seamlessly transfer stablecoins like USDC, USDT, and WBTC, enhancing liquidity and accessibility across diverse blockchain networks.
  2. Separation of Transactions and Reconciliation: Meson Finance adopts an innovative approach that segregates transactions from reconciliation processes. Unlike direct cross-chain asset operations, Meson Finance executes bulk clearing between liquidity providers (LPs) through existing cross-chain bridges.
  3. Bridging Assets to Merlin Chain: To bridge assets to Merlin Chain, users can leverage the third-party bridge provided by Meson Finance. By connecting their preferred wallet interface (e.g., Metamask) and selecting the desired asset type (e.g., BTCB), users can seamlessly transfer assets to Merlin Chain. The process involves specifying the asset quantity and confirming the recipient’s address, facilitating swift and secure cross-chain asset movement.

5. Mini Bridge

Mini Bridge, developed by the Chaineye team, emerges as a pivotal cross-chain bridge within the Merlin Chain ecosystem, offering a cost-effective and expedited solution for small-amount asset transfers.

Key Features of Mini Bridge:

  1. Purpose: Mini Bridge is purpose-built to cater to small-amount cross-chain transfer scenarios within the Merlin Chain ecosystem. It aims to provide the cheapest and fastest solution for users needing to efficiently move assets across different blockchain networks.
  2. Safety and Cost: Mini Bridge prioritizes user safety and cost-efficiency, offering low cross-chain fees and swift confirmation times. While currently in beta, users are advised to proceed with caution. Notably, Mini Bridge is developed by the award-winning Chaineye project and has garnered funding support from renowned entities such as Gitcoin and Optimism.

Asset Bridging Process

To bridge assets to Merlin Chain, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Meson bridge platform.
  2. Connect your preferred wallet interface (e.g., Metamask).
  3. Select the asset type (e.g., BTCB) for transfer, specify the desired quantity, and confirm recipient details, including the address and transaction fee.


Merlin Chain’s Layer 2 bridges represent a significant milestone in expanding Bitcoin’s reach and utility, offering users seamless access to Layer 2 networks while preserving the security and integrity of the Bitcoin blockchain. As the crypto landscape evolves, Merlin Chain’s contributions pave the way for broader adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), bridging the gap between traditional finance and the decentralized future.

For additional insights, visit the official Merlin Chain website or refer to the MerlinSwap documentation.

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