Exploring Merlin DeFi: Top DeFi Projects for 2024

Exploring Merlin DeFi: Top DeFi Projects for 2024

Merlin DeFi emerges as a leading force within the decentralized finance realm, presenting a diverse range of DeFi protocols tailored to various financial activities, including yield farming, staking, and asset swapping. Prioritizing security and transparency, Merlin DeFi leverages smart contracts to deliver a user-centric platform that operates autonomously, diminishing reliance on traditional financial intermediaries.  Through democratizing access to financial services and introducing innovative avenues for cryptocurrency management and earnings, Merlin DeFi spearheads the DeFi revolution, pushing the boundaries of blockchain’s potential on a global scale.

In this article, we delve into the realm of Merlin DeFi, exploring its features, benefits, and the potential it holds for the future of finance.

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Noteworthy Features of Merlin DeFi

  • Wide Protocol Coverage: Merlin supports an extensive range of over 1,500 DeFi protocols across 25+ chains, including both EVM and non-EVM chains like Solana and major Cosmos chains.
  • Profitability Analysis: It uniquely provides a complete overview of profitability for current and past exposures, factoring in yield, gas fees, rewards, and impermanent loss.
  • Detailed Insights: Users can access thorough P&L breakdowns, track investment performance over time, and identify market opportunities through top performer pools on major Dexes.
  • Smart Notifications: Merlin enhances profitability by alerting users to more lucrative investment prospects.
  • Unified Portfolio View: Users gain a consolidated perspective of their exposures across DeFi protocols, including wallet holdings, for comprehensive performance monitoring.
  • Rewards Monitoring: All rewards are conveniently overviewed, with one-click collection functionality.

Top MERLIN DeFi Projects for 2024!

1. BitGenie

As an integral component of the Merlin DeFi ecosystem, BitGenie offers a robust platform dedicated to Bitcoin DeFi operations. It enables users to effortlessly swap tokens and stake assets within both the Bitcoin network and Merlin’s ecosystem. As a trailblazer in Layer 2 solutions, it extends Bitcoin’s capabilities by supporting bridged Runes and Ordinals, thereby enriching the Bitcoin DeFi experience. With a focus on user benefits and protocol transparency, it maintains a low swap fee of 0.3%, which is fully allocated to liquidity providers, ensuring their active participation and reward.

2. Nabox

Nabox, an integral part of the Merlin DeFi ecosystem, is a dApp facilitating cross-chain interactions and asset management. It simplifies the user experience within the complex multi-chain environment of Web3. Through its decentralized identity (DID) system, Nabox empowers users to seamlessly manage their digital assets across various blockchains, thereby enhancing accessibility to DeFi, GameFi, and NFT markets.

At the core of the platform lies its key feature, SwapBox, an intelligent cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator. SwapBox optimizes the swapping process by identifying the most efficient trading routes, ensuring users obtain the best rates possible. This feature proves invaluable in a landscape where liquidity is dispersed across multiple chains.

3. Native

Native, a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform, acts as Web3’s centralized liquidity hub, optimizing capital efficiency for market makers and ensuring traders access top-tier pricing in DeFi. With a transaction volume exceeding $2.85 billion and over $100 million in PMM assets, Native facilitates 9.73 million user transactions. It offers Aqua for liquidity providers, NativeX for traders, and enables projects to integrate trading functionalities, earning transaction fees. Native’s PMM-RFQ model combines off-chain liquidity provision with on-chain execution, ensuring CEX-level efficiency with DEX-level self-custody. It allows project teams to create in-app DEXs in just 5 minutes, expanding revenue streams and bolstering conversion rates.

4. Solv Protocol

Solv Protocol introduces a groundbreaking liquidity and yield ecosystem for mainstream digital assets, offering an omnichain infrastructure. It leverages Proof of Stake (PoS) staking, restaking, and dynamic trading strategies in both DeFi and CeFi realms to generate yield. With substantial participation evidenced by $771.07M in total value locked, the platform ensures robust security measures for vault operations and asset transactions. Its innovative Trading Strategy Vault empowers users to develop, store, and execute strategies while retaining asset control. Further enhancing flexibility, Solv Protocol enables the tokenization of strategy vaults into liquid ERC-20 assets, bolstered by a real-time price oracle for accurate asset valuation and returns tracking.


STONE-Fi, a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) on the Merlin blockchain, revolutionizes token swapping with minimal fees and slippage. It enables staking ETH to earn STONE tokens with high yields across Ethereum and Layer2 networks, ensuring optimal capital usage. Emphasizing decentralization, STONE-Fi guarantees transparent asset management and non-custodial staking, minimizing risks. Supporting diverse assets like staking pools, it allows flexible yield strategies. With automatic yield optimization, users effortlessly maximize returns on Ethereum or Layer2s. STONE unlocks Layer2 earning avenues including DEX pools, stablecoin minting, lending, and derivatives. Its scalable infrastructure ensures fluid liquidity across blockchains, employing decentralized portfolio management for optimized yields. Rewards entail staking ETH, leveraging STONE for additional yield, and gaining liquidity incentives through LP token locking.

6. is a non-profit decentralized technology entity dedicated to constructing a trustless DeFi ecosystem. With a focus on facilitating atomic settlement of financial assets on the blockchain, they support DeFi practitioners globally. Their objectives include establishing industry standards, promoting quality projects, and enhancing DeFi infrastructure while fostering mainstream recognition and regulatory dialogue. Key areas of focus encompass education, technology advancement, theoretical research, and setting industry benchmarks. Notably, introduces Decentralized Clearing Vaults (DCVs), laying the groundwork for decentralized clearing solutions.

7. PantherFi

PantherFi, also known as Merlin DeFi, stands at the forefront of innovation by seamlessly integrating decentralized finance (DeFi) with artificial intelligence (AI) computing. It bridges the AI economy and the crypto sphere, empowering users to utilize their computing prowess for AI tasks while accessing decentralized financial services. Key highlights include the convergence of DeFi and AI within a permissionless money market framework, offering computational assets alongside financial services. Notable features encompass a 1-Click Interest Boost mechanism for depositors to amplify interest earnings through pool participation and looping functionality, ensuring an enriched user experience marked by intuitive interfaces and reliability.


In conclusion, the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) is rapidly evolving, with projects like Merlin DeFi leading the charge in innovation and integration. Through a diverse array of protocols tailored to various financial activities and bolstered by a commitment to security and transparency, Merlin DeFi is revolutionizing the way users interact with decentralized financial services. The seamless merging of DeFi with artificial intelligence (AI) computing, as exemplified by PantherFi, opens up new avenues for leveraging computational power while accessing financial opportunities. As the DeFi revolution continues to unfold, projects like those within the Merlin ecosystem are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, paving the way for a more inclusive and efficient financial future.

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