Metis Ecosystem and Beyond – A Dive into Innovative Dapps

Metis Ecosystem and Beyond – A Dive into Innovative Dapps

As a permissionless Ethereum Layer 2 network, Metis leverages a powerful combination of low-cost transactions, high-performance capabilities, scalability, and robust governance, setting the stage for the next generation of decentralized solutions.

This article aims to give you a brief overview of the Metis ecosystem along with the top Dapps available in the ecosystem.

The Metis Ecosystem

At the core of Metis lies a vibrant ecosystem, a convergence of projects, partners, and communities that harness its transformative features. With over 11.8 million transactions, 12.77 million blocks, and 545,826 wallet addresses, the Metis network is a testament to its dynamic growth and engagement.

Metis dapps

Categories within the Metis Ecosystem

  1. Decentralized Applications (Apps)

    • Hummus: A single-sided Automated Market Maker for stablecoins.
    • Midas: A prediction market game offering immersive experiences.
  2. Businesses

    • LetsExchange: Revolutionizing crypto transactions with an instant exchange service.
    • Crypto Emergency: A multifunctional platform catering to communication and learning needs within the crypto community.
  3. Communities

    • Layer3: Empowering learning and exploration through a quests platform.
    • Talentum: Facilitating ambassador programs and social engagements within the Metis community.
  4. Other Partners

    • MetaMask: A leading self-custodial wallet seamlessly integrated into the Metis network.
    • Symbiosis: A cross-chain AMM DEX enhancing liquidity provision by pooling resources from different networks.

Advantages of Metis

Metis stands out with its commitment to decentralization, security, scalability, simple integration, affordable on-chain storage, fast transactions, and low gas fees. The introduction of Community Ecosystem Governance (CEG) further empowers individuals to actively participate in shaping the ecosystem’s future.

Top Dapps on the Metis Ecosytem

As the blockchain space continues to evolve, the need for scalable and cost-effective solutions has become more apparent than ever. Metis, has emerged as a promising platform that addresses the challenges of decentralized applications (DApps). Offering lower costs, higher scalability, and enhanced functionality, Metis has attracted a vibrant community of developers and projects.

Hummus Exchange: Next-Gen Stablecoin Swaps on Metis Layer 2

(Hummus Exchange)

hummus exchange

In the Metis Layer 2 ecosystem, Hummus Exchange emerges as a transformative force, introducing a specialized Automated Market-Maker (AMM) tailored exclusively for the seamless exchange of stablecoins. Positioned within the Metis Layer 2 infrastructure, Hummus strategically prioritizes speed, cost-effectiveness, and security to facilitate the efficient trading of stable assets such as USDT, USDC, and DAI. This nuanced focus caters to the diverse needs of traders, arbitrageurs, and the broader DeFi community, delivering a platform that excels in reliability and performance.

The collaboration between Hummus and the Metis Layer 2 platform is underscored by the AMM’s active participation in the Metis Marathon in January 2024. This program, dedicated to supporting and rewarding DApps building on Metis, solidifies Hummus’ commitment to propelling the growth of the DeFi ecosystem on Layer 2. Beyond specialized stablecoin swaps, Hummus introduces liquidity mining incentives, not only guaranteeing ample liquidity within its pools but also encouraging user engagement. As Hummus advances within the Metis ecosystem, the symbiosis of bespoke stablecoin exchange services and Metis’ scalability solutions sets the stage for a decentralized financial landscape characterized by innovation and user-centric design.

HERMES: Capital-Efficient Decentralized Trading on Metis Andromeda

Hermes Protocol (


Crafted by Maia DAO, a community-driven entity dedicated to fostering accessibility and affordability in blockchain, HERMES introduces a highly capital-efficient Automated Market Maker (AMM) model. Positioned as one of the inaugural and widely embraced applications on the Metis ecosystem, HERMES stands as a testament to its commitment to delivering low-cost, near-zero slippage trades, setting a new standard for decentralized trading platforms.

The HERMES DEX pair with Metis unveils a compelling narrative, reflecting the platform’s resilience and popularity within the Metis Andromeda community. With a trading price of $0.05797 and a remarkable 10.02% surge in the past 24 hours, HERMES not only captures attention but also signifies its pivotal role in decentralized trading on Layer 2 solutions. The DEX pair’s total liquidity, currently at $2,443,029.40, and a 24-hour trading volume of $65,194.26 underscore the vibrant and liquid dynamics fostered by HERMES. As the Metis Andromeda ecosystem continues to evolve, HERMES stands at the forefront, shaping the narrative and experience of decentralized trading.

Supra: Empowering DeFi Infrastructure

Blockchain Technology: Decentralized Web3, DeFi, GameFi | SupraOracles


In a significant alliance within the Web 3.0 landscape, Supra and Metis have forged a strategic partnership to redefine the contours of decentralized finance (DeFi). Supra, operating as a versatile middleware network, contributes a robust suite of services including oracle functionalities, verifiable randomness, and a cross-chain protocol. Simultaneously, Metis stands as a formidable Layer 2 framework, fostering the creation of scalable, cost-efficient, and fully functional applications through the utilization of Optimistic Rollup technology.

Metis boasts an expansive DeFi portfolio, featuring a diverse array of offerings such as yield farming, prediction markets, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), leveraged trading platforms, swaps, and more. The platform’s influential partnerships with key entities like Asteria, Bagels Finance, Oropocket/OpenDeFi, WOWSwap, HandleFi, Standard Protocol, SwapAll, and TotemFi solidify its stature within the decentralized financial landscape. The collaboration with SupraOracles represents a strategic move for Metis, ensuring the delivery of prompt, trustworthy, and secure data feeds for its DeFi applications, surpassing conventional limitations to encompass comprehensive data beyond mere price feeds.

Vega – Redefining Tokens in a Creative Cosmos



Vega stands out as more than just a digital asset; it is the cornerstone of a creative and artistic ecosystem. Each Vega token is not merely a transactional tool but an individual entity, weaving a unique narrative akin to the diverse stories found within galaxies. The project’s mission extends beyond traditional token roles, envisioning a vibrant space where technology and creativity harmonize to inject fresh energy into the crypto landscape.

Vega’s commitment to uniqueness is not confined to theoretical ideals but is tangibly reflected in the design of each token. As users traverse the Vega universe, they encounter a canvas of diverse characteristics and stories, mirroring the distinct compositions of celestial bodies. This commitment to individuality extends to the community, where users become active participants in shaping a cosmos that goes beyond the transactional, inviting them to be a part of a community-driven, artistic odyssey.

Zonic: NFT Marketplace for Layer 2’s

Zonic : NFT Marketplace for L2


With a primary focus on speed and efficiency, Zonic redefines the NFT experience by providing users with a platform to explore, collect, and trade at unparalleled speeds. The marketplace’s commitment to delivering a swift and seamless trading environment sets it apart, making it a preferred destination for enthusiasts seeking a cutting-edge NFT experience.

At the heart of Zonic’s dynamic ecosystem are top collections that propel the platform to the forefront of NFT trading. LineaPunks takes the lead with a floor of 0.0064 and a substantial volume of 3.06, exemplifying the vibrancy and fervor within the NFT trading community on Zonic. From the captivating allure of ZK Doomsday Waifus to the iconic charm of South Park, Zonic’s diverse offerings not only redefine NFT trading but also showcase the platform’s commitment to providing a rich and varied experience for collectors. Rooted in community engagement and fueled by Apetimism, Zonic stands as a beacon of innovation, speed, and inclusivity in the rapidly evolving landscape of Layer-2 NFT marketplaces.

Midas Lottery in the Metis Ecosystem: A Decentralized Gaming Experience



Midas, a dynamic prediction market game within the Metis ecosystem, exemplifies the transformative potential of Metis’ Layer 2 solution. Positioned as an integral element of this innovative ecosystem, Midas presents users with a diverse suite of on-chain prediction market games, introducing a captivating lottery experience that introduces an element of chance to decentralized gaming. The Metis ecosystem, structured to empower businesses, communities, and developers, provides an ideal foundation for Midas to flourish, offering scalability and efficiency through its Layer 2 solutions and supporting the development of diverse decentralized applications such as exchanges and payment solutions.

Operationalized on principles of transparency and fairness, Midas ensures an engaging and equitable lottery experience for participants. Users can acquire tickets, with draws taking place at regular intervals, and winning criteria involve matching specific digits in the correct order. The seamless integration of Midas into the broader Metis ecosystem fosters multiple channels for prize funds, including contributions from ticket purchases, rollover prizes, and injections from the treasury. This holistic approach creates a self-sustaining and thrilling prediction market environment.

AraFi: Omnichain Governance Aggregator

AraFi – Omnichain Governance Aggregator


Aafi, positioned as an Omnichain Governance Aggregator, distinguishes itself as a sophisticated meta-protocol meticulously designed to elevate the financial landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi). Geared towards maximizing the potential returns and governance capabilities for stakeholders, AraFi offers a seamless user experience, allowing participants to effortlessly convert assets, stake tokens, boost yields, and earn rewards within the decentralized ecosystem. With a formidable Total Value Locked (TVL) amounting to $367,674.18, AraFi solidifies its standing as a trusted hub, reflecting the substantial engagement and confidence of the DeFi community. Furthermore, AraFi’s commitment extends beyond transactional functionalities, emphasizing active governance participation, enabling stakeholders to play a pivotal role in shaping the protocol’s trajectory and decision-making processes.

Symbiosis: Cross-Chain AMM DEX

Symbiosis Finance | Twitter | Linktree


Symbiosis emerges as a groundbreaking cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) Decentralized Exchange (DEX), revolutionizing the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape by seamlessly pooling liquidity from diverse networks. Bridging the gap between Layer 1 (L1) and Layer 2 (L2) solutions, as well as both Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and non-EVM networks, Symbiosis facilitates effortless token swaps and asset movements across different blockchain ecosystems. This unique interoperability positions Symbiosis as a versatile platform catering to users seeking cross-chain functionality.

The platform not only enables users to engage in frictionless token swaps but also empowers them to contribute liquidity to various protocols. Through Symbiosis Reward Programs, users are incentivized for providing liquidity, creating a symbiotic relationship within the decentralized exchange. The integration of the Symbiosis DAO further enhances community participation, allowing users to actively shape the platform’s future. With its ability to aggregate decentralized exchange liquidity across EVM and non-EVM networks, Symbiosis stands as a promising solution for traders and liquidity providers alike.

Steer: Open Platform for Blockchain-Agnostic App Development

Home – Steer Finance


Steer emerges as an innovative open platform revolutionizing the landscape of blockchain development by offering a playground for the creation of blockchain-agnostic applications. Developers are granted unparalleled flexibility within the Steer ecosystem, where they can craft applications in their language of choice, seamlessly connect to diverse data feeds, and subsequently launch their creations on any blockchain. This platform’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is evident as it liberates developers from language and blockchain constraints, fostering a collaborative environment for diverse development needs.

Central to Steer’s prowess is the Steer Protocol, a decentralized compute platform that propels cross-chain application development to new heights. Supporting over 10 programming languages, the Steer Protocol not only facilitates interoperability but also introduces a pioneering data marketplace. Here, developers gain access to a rich selection of data feeds, enriching their applications with real-time information. The platform’s commitment to complete decentralization and zero downtime further establishes Steer as a resilient multi-chain protocol, promising reliability for developers navigating the dynamic landscape of decentralized applications. Steer stands as a beacon for those seeking a versatile and dependable environment to create blockchain-agnostic applications that transcend traditional boundaries.


In conclusion, the blockchain landscape is evolving rapidly, and the showcased projects within the Metis ecosystem, along with notable platforms like Symbiosis and Steer, exemplify the diverse and innovative solutions emerging in decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain development. Metis, as a permissionless Ethereum Layer 2 network, offers a powerful combination of features, including low-cost transactions, high-performance capabilities, scalability, and robust governance. Its ecosystem, with a range of decentralized applications and strategic partnerships, mirrors the dynamic growth and engagement witnessed on the platform. Noteworthy projects like Hummus Exchange, HERMES, Supra, Vega, Zonic, Midas, AraFi, and Symbiosis contribute to the ecosystem’s vibrancy, showcasing the varied applications and advancements within the Metis network. As blockchain technology continues to shape the future of decentralized solutions, these platforms stand at the forefront of innovation, each contributing in its unique way to the transformative potential of blockchain technology.



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