Decentralized Exchanges on the TRON Network: Top Picks

Decentralized Exchanges on the TRON Network: Top Picks

TRON, founded by Justin Sun in 2017, aims to create a decentralized internet by providing a platform for building decentralized applications (DApps) and supporting smart contracts. With its high throughput and low transaction fees, TRON has become an appealing choice for developers seeking to create DEXes and other DeFi applications. In this article we will explore Tron DEXes comprehensively in order to understand it’s functioning.

Tron DEX

What are TRON DEXes?

TRON DEXes, operating on the TRON network, enable trustless and permissionless trading of digital assets directly from users’ wallets, without centralized exchange deposits. Leveraging TRON’s high throughput and low transaction fees compared to Ethereum, these DEXes offer efficient and cost-effective trading experiences, particularly beneficial for small-scale transactions. They provide accessible, anonymous trading, bypassing lengthy registration processes and strict KYC requirements of centralized exchanges, aligning with cryptocurrency’s principles of decentralization and financial sovereignty. Moreover, TRON DEXes empower users with greater control and security by facilitating peer-to-peer trading, minimizing risks associated with hacks and exit scams, while ensuring users retain ownership of their assets and private keys throughout the trading process.

Top DEXes on the Tron Ecosystem

1. SunSwap V1

It stands as a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol built on the TRON blockchain. It facilitates an open financial market accessible to all, enabling secure and immediate exchange between any TRC20 tokens. The platform emphasizes automated liquidity provision, allowing market makers to continuously earn service fees without any commission taken by the platform. This feature positions SunSwap as a significant player in the DeFi (Decentralized Finance) space. Additionally, the platform implements a token buyback and burning mechanism. Real-time on-chain data for various trading pairs, including TRX/USDT and SUN/TRX, are readily trackable. SunSwap V1’s dedication to decentralization, security, and transparency, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it a preferred choice for traders and liquidity providers in the crypto ecosystem. Its role in contributing to the TRON network highlights the increasing significance of DEXs in the blockchain industry.

2. Bridgers

It stands out as a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol operating on the TRON blockchain, playing a pivotal role in the DeFi ecosystem. It facilitates the smooth transfer of digital assets across various blockchain networks, notably between TRC20 and ERC20 standards. This functionality, often termed as a “bridge,” opens up new avenues of liquidity and possibilities for traders and investors alike. By fostering interoperability between diverse blockchain standards, Bridgers enhances transactional flexibility and efficiency, eliminating the need for multiple wallets or platforms. With a steadfast commitment to decentralization, security, and cross-chain compatibility, coupled with its user-friendly interface, Bridgers emerges as the preferred choice for both traders and liquidity providers within the crypto ecosystem.


Employing an X Routing algorithm, it meticulously identifies the optimal prices across various DEX platforms. This aggregator extends its support not only to transactions within the TRON chain but also facilitates cross-chain transactions with prominent networks like Ethereum, BNB Chain, and the OKC network. By leveraging this sophisticated algorithm, OKX DEX ensures users access the best swap rates while minimizing slippage and network fees across a vast array of DEXs. Additionally, OKX DEX streamlines the bridging of assets between Solana and eight other leading blockchain networks, enabling seamless token transfers across different chains. Through its provision of an efficient and secure platform for digital asset trading, OKX DEX plays a pivotal role in the DeFi ecosystem, fostering growth and enhancing the versatility of the TRON network.

4. JustMoney Swap

It emerges as an Automated Market Maker (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) initially introduced on the Tron Blockchain. It stands out as the pioneering multi-chain and cross-chain swap platform with comprehensive support for taxed tokens. JustMoney Swap facilitates seamless token swaps across Tron, BNB, Polygon, and Bittorrent Chain, with future plans to extend support to additional blockchains. The platform boasts an intuitive user interface and accurately calculates estimated amounts, factoring in the applicable tax. Users enjoy the benefit of adding and removing liquidity tax-free, incentivizing participation in both liquidity provision and trading activities. A nominal 0.3% swap fee is imposed, with 0.25% directed to liquidity providers and 0.05% allocated to the platform, used for the buyback and burning of $JM tokens. Moreover, JustMoney Swap offers a complimentary swap widget that projects can seamlessly integrate into their websites, enhancing user accessibility to token purchases.


It presents itself as the most intelligent and user-friendly avenue for cryptocurrency exchange, coupled with passive income opportunities. sets itself apart with its support for staking and liquidity mining functionalities. It prides itself on offering low transaction costs, backed by audited smart contracts and a rapid blockchain protocol. Noteworthy is its unique feature, the transaction fee refund pool, which alleviates swap-associated expenses. Furthermore, the platform introduces innovative limit order functionality and consolidates liquidity from multiple DEXes to secure the best swap rates for users. At its core, the platform is governed by its users, reflecting its commitment to democratic principles. Additionally, provides staking pools where users can leverage their cryptocurrencies to earn attractive bonuses. Rigorously reviewed and audited by various independent security firms, guarantees user safety and confidence in its operations.

6. iSwap

It emerges as a multichain Automated Market Maker (AMM) operational across Tron, BSC, BTTC, and FTM blockchains. Functioning as a decentralized exchange (DEX), it employs a mathematical formula to determine asset prices, diverging from the traditional order book system. This innovative approach enables users to earn on iSwap through various means, including adding liquidity, staking their liquidity pools in specialized reward pools, or engaging in the InterCrone Arbidex Multicasher NFTs. The emergence of iSwap underscores a growing trend towards decentralized finance, granting users enhanced control over their assets. It facilitates secure and immediate exchanges between any TRC20 tokens, contributing to the evolution of decentralized finance ecosystems.

Complete overview

I’m sorry, but I’m unable to provide the logos or URLs for the DEXs as I don’t have the capability to access or display images. However, I can certainly create a comparison table for the DEXs based on the information provided:

DEX URLS Key Features
SunSwap V1 Automated liquidity provision, token buyback and burning mechanism, real-time on-chain data tracking
Bridgers Cross-chain transfers, interoperability between TRC20 and ERC20 standards
OKX DEX Cross-chain bridge aggregator, X Routing algorithm for optimal prices, supports transactions within TRON and other networks
JustMoney Swap JustMoney Cross-Chain Swap Multi-chain and cross-chain swaps, support for taxed tokens, tax-free liquidity addition/removal DEX aggregator, staking and liquidity mining, transaction fee refund pool, limit order functionality
iSwap Multichain AMM, supports adding liquidity, staking in reward pools, and InterCrone Arbidex Multicasher NFTs

This table summarizes the key features of each DEX, which can help you compare them based on their functionalities and the blockchains they operate on.


In summary, TRON decentralized exchanges (DEXes) represent a significant advancement in DeFi. They offer efficient and cost-effective trading directly from users’ wallets, leveraging TRON’s advantages of high throughput and low fees. Each DEX, like SunSwap V1, Bridgers, and OKX DEX, brings unique features, from cross-chain compatibility to automated liquidity provision. JustMoney Swap,, and iSwap add further diversity with their multi-chain support and innovative functionalities like staking and liquidity mining. Overall, TRON DEXes promote decentralization, security, and financial autonomy in cryptocurrency trading, contributing to the expanding landscape of decentralized finance.

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