TRON NFTs: Complete Overview and the best picks for 2024

TRON NFTs: Complete Overview and the best picks for 2024

With its high throughput, scalability, and cheap transaction fees, Justin Sun’s TRON has swiftly established itself as a major participant in the blockchain industry. Taking use of these advantages, TRON has entered the NFT space, giving enthusiasts and artists a different way to investigate the possibilities of digital expression and ownership.

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Understanding TRON NFTs

Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, NFTs are distinct digital assets that stand for ownership or verification of the legitimacy of a certain good or piece of content. Because these tokens are stored on a blockchain, they can be verified and are impervious to tampering. While TRON has its own standards, particularly TRC-721 and TRC-20, which facilitate the creation and trade of NFTs inside its ecosystem, Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard is frequently used for NFTs.

Top TRON NFT Collectibles For 2024

Within the TRON ecosystem, a number of platforms have developed to make it easier to create, trade, and display NFTs. These platforms give investors, collectors, and artists a variety of ways to get involved in the growing NFT market. Among the prominent platforms are:

1. Tron Ninjas

Tron Ninjas stands out as an NFT GameFi venture operating on the Tron blockchain. It presents a collection of 10,000 individual ninjas, each endowed with distinct gaming attributes and styles. These ninjas serve not only as digital collectibles but as central characters within the TronNinjas Arcade. Through play-to-earn mechanics, players can seize the chance to earn crypto rewards while immersing themselves in an engaging theatrical journey. With a minting cost of 1250 TRX per ninja, enthusiasts can readily become owners of a slice of this digital realm. The Tron Ninjas project marks a notable advancement in the NFT domain, blending gaming excitement with the financial prospects of NFTs.

2. T-Rex Punks

It stands out as an inventive NFT collection built on the Tron blockchain, drawing inspiration from the original CryptoPunks. This distinctive collection features 10,000 individual T-Rex characters, each possessing a unique set of attributes that determine its rarity. What started as a casual remark on Twitter has blossomed into a lively community surrounding the project. T-Rex Punks aren’t merely digital collectibles; they also offer a source of passive income. NFT and token owners have the opportunity to stake their assets and earn rewards, with plans underway to introduce a game that will further incentivize and reward community involvement. T-Rex Punks represents a celebration of the diverse creativity within the NFT space, merging elements of digital art, gaming, and financial opportunities. It pays homage to the original CryptoPunks while delving into the potential of blockchain technology to forge distinctive and engaging experiences.

3. Tron Cool Cats

Tron Cool Cats presents a collection of 10,000 distinct cat-themed digital illustrations residing on the Tron blockchain. This project, driven by the community, stands among the early adopters of Tron’s TRC-721 standard for NFTs. Each artwork is generated randomly from a wide array of attributes, spanning facial expressions, attire, accessories, and more. Collaborating with APENFT and the Tron Foundation, the project aims to foster the growth of the NFT ecosystem on the Tron network. Owners enjoy exclusive benefits such as shared pools, original merchandise, and unique breeding opportunities for Gen 1. Given that their Ethereum counterparts are already commanding over 100 ETH each in the secondary market, acquiring your Cool Cats Tron during the minting phase is an obvious choice.

4.Primo NFT

Primo NFT stands out as a distinctive collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that has left a notable impression on the digital art and collectibles scene. Supported by the community-owned Ocean Marketplace DAO, which operates on the TRON network, this platform offers a secure and reliable marketplace for a diverse array of NFTs and collectibles. Access to the exclusive Primo DAO VIP membership requires ownership of a Primo NFT, showcasing the community’s commitment to enhancing the buying and selling experience for NFTs and collectibles.

5. Kraftly

It stands as a decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace catering to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), digital items, and collectibles. Established in August 2021, it operates on the TRON blockchain, offering users the ability to mint and possess TRC721 NFTs using uploaded media files like video, music, animation, and images. Hosting diverse collections such as FOX555, TROCKS, and Crypto Clouds, Kraftly strives to foster a democratic, transparent, and inclusive ecosystem for NFT enthusiasts to convene. Additionally, it serves as a gateway to the entire NFT ecosystem on the TRON network, providing a secondary market. Recognized for its nominal fees and user-friendly interface, the platform caters to a seamless experience for its users.

6. CryptoFlowers TRON

CryptoFlowers TRON offers an immersive NFT gaming experience where players can collect, breed, and trade one-of-a-kind digital flowers. Powered by Smart Contracts and the TRON network, each CryptoFlower possesses distinctive genetic traits, ensuring its permanence and uniqueness. Beyond mere collection, the game encourages players to explore new breeds and expand their collections. Players can also monetize their flowers by breeding with others or selling them in the CryptoFlowers Auction House. This game showcases the transformative potential of blockchain technology in crafting secure and enjoyable digital collectibles.

7. Tron Mystery Box (TMB)

Tron Mystery Box (TMB) is the first NFT & Field Farming project on the TRON network. It allows users to mine BKEY by staking JustSwap LP tokens and exchange NFT assets. Each TMB is a blind box containing a unique collectible art image, with a total of 10,000 NFT art collectibles made. These collectibles have four levels of rarity and can be traded in the marketplace. The project combines the features of NFT and DeFi, aiming to provide everyone the opportunity to own NFT assets in a fair and transparent manner.


TRON’s entry into the NFT space marks a transformative shift in the blockchain industry. With its fast transactions, scalability, and low fees, TRON has become a hub for NFT creation and trading. Standards like TRC-721 and TRC-20 have fueled a diverse range of NFT platforms like Tron Ninjas, T-Rex Punks, and Tron Cool Cats, offering unique opportunities for engagement and investment. Initiatives like Tron Mystery Box blend NFTs with decentralized finance, broadening the appeal of TRON-based assets. As TRON continues to innovate, its NFT ecosystem promises to redefine digital ownership and expression.

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