5 Best Reasons Why A Second-Hand Car Should Be Your First Car

5 Best Reasons Why A Second-Hand Car Should Be Your First Car

Owning your dream car is a milestone to achieve. If you have the adequate finances to purchase a car, you might have already fantasized about your impending long drives after seeing the ads. However, if it is your first car, it would be advisable to opt for a second car.

The idea of buying a used car may have broken your heart, but there are several benefits associated with it. For instance, you can manage your finances without putting any burden on your pocket by opting for second-hand car finance. The best part is that a used car loan interest rate is the most affordable one, and it also comes with flexible repayment tenure.

Besides that, you can save money, lower your insurance costs, and have access to a variety of choices. Here are the reasons why a second-hand car should be your first car.

  • Save Money

It is not advisable to go overboard in spending all your money to buy your first car. Imagine, you can plan two international trips along with buying a used car that is hardly one year old with the money that you have planned to buy a new car.

For instance, if you had an option of buying your favorite car, which is only two years old, for Rs. 7 lakhs and its new version for Rs. 11 lakhs, which one would you opt for? There is, of course, a saving of Rs. 4 lakhs, which can be used to meet your other financial needs or plan a trip to your favorite destination.

  • You can upgrade yourself to a higher segment car

When you are buying a car for the first time, you want to announce your arrival into the world of cars in the best possible manner. However, if your budget can’t meet your requirement to buy a new four-wheeler, it is best to choose a second-hand car that belongs to a higher segment.

For example, if your budget is Rs. 5 lakhs, you can only opt for an entry-level car, but if you opt for a second-hand vehicle, you can easily get a car that belongs to a higher-level hatchback segment.

  • Access to cars with better performance

If your top priority is to have better performance, second-hand cars can reward you with great speed and robust performance. There are cars with impressive performance and design for as low as Rs. 4 lakh. For instance, the Chevrolet Cruze comes with 1.6 diesel and 1.2 TSI petrol. Its value depreciates up to 50% within just three years, making it a sweet deal for you if you buy their second-hand version.

  • The right choice for novices

Since you are planning to buy a car for the first time, it has to be a second-hand car. There are great chances that you will get your precious set of new wheels covered with scratches or dents if you an amateur driver.

It is also likely that you will put a certain level of abuse on the car that will eventually lead to wear and tear of parts like clutch, brakes, and engine internals. So, it would be wise to polish your driving skills on a cheap second-hand car first and then upgrade to a better one.

  • Variety of options

If you have a given budget for a new car, there is hardly a handful of options available for you. On the other hand, there is a ton of options available if you opt for a used car. For instance, for a budget of Rs. 5 lakhs, you can look at cars with great performance and speed. You can choose from premium hatchbacks to sedans and even compact SUVs.

  • Lower insurance cost

Another benefit of getting a second car for the first time is that you can lower your insurance cost. The used car insurance premiums are lesser than new car insurance premiums. For instance, if you had to pay a certain amount for insurance on a new car, you may only have to pay half that money for a two-year-old model of the same vehicle.

Therefore, opting for a second-hand vehicle saves you a lot of money by lowering your insurance costs.


If you an amateur driver and planning to buy a car for the first time, it is advisable to opt for a second-hand four-wheeler that offers better performance and can save you money. Also, if you are short of cash, you can opt for second-hand car finance and avail of attractive used car loan interest rates.

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