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SBI Credit Card-How to Apply and How to Check Status

SBI Credit Card-How to Apply and How to Check Status

The bank offers different range in the credit cards. Along with that, it also comes with benefits, discounts, deals, and other options to enjoy having the ownership of credit card of SBI. Also, the credit card meets your preferences as well; you can use it for shopping, movie or travelling, etc. You also get the cashback and rewards on your usage of the credit card on several things like on airports, lounge access, and more.

Here is how you can apply for a SBI credit card online

Before you apply for the credit card, you also need to check the eligibility and if you are meeting with all pint successfully or note.  SBI has some rules and factors which might affect the application of yours directly or indirectly. For an easy and hassle-free experience, make sure you do check the important points as well.

You can apply offline too if you find online not suitable for you, but if you want to do it on your own then online is an easy option. The bank offers both options, choose as per your requirement. Apart from this, there are some steps you need to follow so you can successfully apply for a credit card online.

  • Get the credit card application online
  • Fill the information that is asked including your name, date of birth, address, monthly income, etc
  • Depending on your meeting the credit card eligibility, there will be list appear made by the bank
  • You now need to choose the card which matches with your financial profile. Then apply for the card. After that, the bank will review your application, information, and other details you submitted.
  • It will take a few working days, once you get the clearance by the bank.  They will send your credit card in a few days.

Here is how to check the status online

Well in case you applied for the credit card but haven’t received anything, and you want to check the status, then here is the online way by which you can get the information about your credit card application.

  • First is to visit the bank ‘s official card website
  • You will find an option says Track my application. it will be found in the drop-down menu under the Apply option
  • Now enter the reference number or application number. Continue with the track option
  • You will find the status immediately. The results can be like this:
  • On hold: The bank put your application on hold. it means that your information is missing something and the bank wants you to check and confirm again
  • In process: The bank is reviewing your submitted application
  • Dispatched: Well, you get this in your status once the bank reviewed and approved your application. Also, you will receive the card within a few days as the bank already dispatched it
  • Rejected: It happens if your information is misleading or incorrect. It also happened if your application is not meeting the criteria too. You can contact the bank in this case.


State bank of India does provide various offers and deals on using their credit card. It is always better to own a state bank of India credit, especially if you are an online shopper and want to save a lot while shopping online your favourite things. These days, SBI credit cards are also applicable for EMI transactions which means you can get your favourite thing online at no cost EMI. In this post, we have mentioned the details process for the new application of SBI credit card and also, you can check the status of your application as well.

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