BHIM SBI Pay App Download Guide – Its Login and Services 

BHIM SBI Pay App Download Guide – Its Login and Services 

What is BHIM SBI Pay App?

State Bank of India offers an innovative mobile payment app known as “BHIM SBI Pay” for its mobile users to easily transfer funds to other banks using a virtual payment address or account with a secured IFSC Code. This Unified Payments Interface (UPI) based mobile app is a type of payment mechanism where the transfer of funds is made easier by linking your mobile number to the SBI bank account.

BHIM SBI Pay APP can be accessed by all SBI customers as well as people with other UPI-enabled bank accounts. With Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or an account number and IFSC code, customers can experience smooth and efficient funds transfer by using BHIM SBI Pay. BHIM UPI App of SBI allows users to send and receive money, pay online mobile/current bills, mobile/TV recharge, food orders, online shopping, local deals, etc. with their mobiles.

All SBI account holders can easily assess this service by simply downloading the SBI Pay app on their mobiles and start using it.

How to Download BHIM SBI PAY APP?


  • Ensure to link your mobile number with your bank account.
  • Open Google Play Store/Apple App store in your mobile version.
  • Choose the option to download the latest version of BHIM SBI Pay.
  • Select the install button and follow the registration steps.

How to Register in BHIM SBI PAY APP?

Step #1: Download the BHIM SBI UPI app from Google play store

Step #2: Do verification of your registered mobile number via SMS

Step #3: When you get SMS, the BHIM SBI app will automatically verify your mobile number

Step #4: Enter a ‘Virtual Address’, your ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’, and also ‘Email’

Step #5: Answer the secret question for security

Step #6: Select the respective bank and agree on the terms & conditions page

Step #7: Click the ‘Next’ button

Step #8: Opt bank account and ‘Register’

Step #9: Type a 6-digit password

Step #10: Create an m-PIN by entering debit card details

Step #11: Enter OTP to confirm m-PIN

Step #12: After successful registration, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered mobile number

Steps to Login BHIM SBI Pay App:

Step 1: After successful registration, the user should click on the “I am a Merchant” button.

Step 2: Fill all the details and confirm acceptance.

Step 3: Once you get logged into the app, you can select “Navigate to Pay” or “Navigate to Collect” options to make or receive payments.

What Benefits do SBI Pay Offers?

  • Reliable: There is no risk in this mode of payment solution as it ensures a safe and secure system of transferring funds.
  • Powered by RBI: Users can safely use this trustworthy app RBI is monitoring this SBI Pay app.
  • No Time Limit: There will b no time restriction for the users in the type of payment.
  • Fast Service: BHIM SBI Pay app is a fast and hassle-free service for mobile users to make digital transactions all over India.

Enjoy the fast and reliable service BHIM SBI PAY App for your daily digital transactions.

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