A Deep Dive into the Top Infrastructure dApps on Blast

A Deep Dive into the Top Infrastructure dApps on Blast

The Blast Ecosystem, crafted by Bware Labs, represents a comprehensive platform tailored to tackle the fundamental infrastructure hurdles encountered in Web3 development. Central to its mission, Blast endeavors to amplify the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of decentralized applications through an array of infrastructure solutions and decentralized services.

Blast infrastructure dapps

The Significance of Infrastructure dApps

Infrastructure dApps embedded within the Blast Ecosystem stand as the cornerstone of decentralized application development, furnishing indispensable tools, services, and protocols to both developers and users. These dApps assume a pivotal role in streamlining interactions, fortifying security measures, and optimizing performance across diverse blockchain networks.

Top Infrastructure dApps

1. Biconomy

Biconomy emerges as a trailblazer in decentralized application (dApp) realms, reshaping the landscape of web3 transactions¹. With its Account Abstraction developer toolkit, Biconomy empowers developers to imbue their dApps with web2-like experiences. Noteworthy achievements include onboarding over 4M unique users across 400+ dApps, alongside strategic collaborations with industry giants like JP Morgan, DYDX, The Sandbox, and Decentraland. In 2024, Biconomy’s Account Abstraction SDK integration with Layer 2 solutions like Scroll, ZetaChain, and Blast marked significant milestones. Supported by prominent web3 VCs, Biconomy’s mission revolves around simplifying user experiences to drive mass blockchain adoption, exemplifying its pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized finance.

2. Hyperlock

Hyperlock, the groundbreaking protocol within the Blast ecosystem, prioritizes yield and governance. Integrated into the Blast Infrastructure and ThrusterFi, it serves as the pinnacle of hyper-yield sources on Blast, offering lucrative returns on Thruster LP. Hyperlock incentivizes protocols and LPs with augmented yield and governance authority on Thruster. Users can stake their LP tokens from Thruster into Hyperlock, accruing points from Blast, Thruster, and Hyperlock. Weekly, these points can be redeemed and allocated to specific pools, securing Hyper Points. Hyperlock emerges as a dominant force in the Blast & Thruster ecosystem, providing unparalleled yield opportunities and empowering users with voting rights and rewards.

3. Brahma

Brahma, the self-custody and execution suite on Blast, redefines DeFi operations across Ethereum mainnet, Arbitrum, and Blast. As an integral part of the Blast Infrastructure, Brahma offers a unique suite of features aimed at enhancing DeFi execution on the Blast L2 network. Brahma Connect enables users to batch multiple actions across various dApps into single transactions, streamlining complex DeFi strategies. Meanwhile, Wallet Connect expands compatibility to applications with signature requirements. Through Brahma, users earn Blast Points and Gold, with Blast Gold distributed to users, fostering engagement and synergy within the Blast ecosystem. Brahma’s innovative approach signifies a paradigm shift in DeFi execution, promising continued growth and strategic partnerships.

4. Delegate

The Delegate dApp, nestled within the Blast Infrastructure, assumes a pivotal role in fostering ecosystem vitality by enabling INFRA token holders to delegate their tokens. Operating within Bware Labs’ Blast Infrastructure, a comprehensive API provider platform tackling Web 3 infrastructure challenges, it addresses issues of reliability and latency through geographically distributed third-party nodes and a multi-region architecture. INFRA token holders utilize the Delegate dApp to delegate tokens to designated Staking Pools based on performance, bolstering Blast’s ecosystem and enhancing the decentralization of underlying blockchain infrastructures. Integral to Blast’s Web 3 development endeavors, the Delegate dApp empowers token holders to actively engage in platform growth and stability.

5. Protofire

Protofire, a blockchain expert team, actively contributes to decentralized application (dApp) development within the Blast Infrastructure. Their expertise spans smart contract development, dApp creation, developer tools, integrations, DevOps, and wallet development. Within the Blast Infrastructure, Protofire focuses on enhancing platform functionality and user experiences through dApp development. A notable project includes the Flight Delay dApp for Etherisc, facilitating flight insurance purchases with refund options for delays or cancellations. Their dedication extends to fostering decentralized protocol and developer platform growth within the Web 3 ecosystem, fueling accessibility and efficiency enhancements for users.

6. Gelato

Gelato stands as a vital component within the Blast Infrastructure, empowering developers to construct automated decentralized applications (dApps) devoid of concerns about building, deploying, and managing bot infrastructure. It furnishes a suite of bots with a straightforward, audited on-chain API, enabling developers to craft a diverse array of automated dApps. Gelato’s automation extends to executing smart contract functions automatically, from routine ETH purchases to yield farming and decentralized exchange transactions. The platform offers audited code reusability, ensuring flexibility to tailor solutions to specific needs. An exemplary Gelato-powered dApp facilitates DAI-Cost Averaging, streamlining recurring ETH purchases on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap. Gelato’s dedication to enhancing decentralized protocols and developer platforms underscores its pivotal role in driving accessibility and efficiency in the Web 3 ecosystem.

7. Bware Labs

Bware Labs, the brains behind Blast, introduces a groundbreaking API provider platform tackling Web 3 infrastructure challenges, emphasizing reliability and latency solutions. Leveraging geographically dispersed third-party nodes, Blast optimizes user request routing by directing them to the nearest point of presence. With a multi-region architecture and advanced clustering mechanisms, Blast ensures decentralized blockchain infrastructure, minimizing downtime and bolstering reliability. The platform strategically supports key blockchain projects, facilitating Web 3 development across industry-relevant networks. User-friendly registration via MetaMask or WalletConnect grants quick API endpoint generation, simplifying blockchain interaction. Blast’s standardized Blockchain API service offers comprehensive infrastructure coverage for seamless dApp development, solidifying Bware Labs’ pivotal role in the decentralized blockchain API landscape.


In conclusion, the Blast Ecosystem, nurtured by Bware Labs, stands as a beacon of innovation and advancement in the realm of Web 3 development. With a suite of infrastructure dApps at its disposal, Blast addresses critical challenges faced by decentralized applications, amplifying reliability, scalability, and efficiency across blockchain networks. From pioneering protocols like Biconomy and Hyperlock, revolutionizing transactions and yield opportunities, to essential tools like Brahma and Gelato streamlining DeFi execution and automation, each infrastructure dApp plays a vital role in shaping the future of decentralized finance. Together, they propel Blast towards its mission of driving mass adoption and accessibility in the Web 3 ecosystem, promising continued growth and prosperity for developers and users alike.


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