Exploring the Top Base DeFi Projects of 2024

Exploring the Top Base DeFi Projects of 2024

Base DeFi isn’t just about revolutionizing finance; it’s about democratizing access to this system for all. With its cost-effective framework and developer-friendly atmosphere, Base DeFi is set to usher in a fresh influx of users and developers into the DeFi realm. Its expansive ecosystem boasts 195 listed DeFi projects, encompassing a diverse array of applications and integrations, spanning from trading platforms and liquidity markets to private RPC relays.


Top Base Defi for 2024

1. 0x

0x is an open-source smart contract platform that establishes a foundational exchange infrastructure, catering to various crypto sectors like DeFi and blockchain gaming. Its suite of APIs empowers developers to construct financial products on crypto rails, enabling quicker trading, better pricing, and enhanced user experiences. Notably, the Gasless API eliminates transaction gas fees for users, fostering frictionless app interactions. The Swap API facilitates seamless token exchanges with deep liquidity, while the Token Registry API enriches trading apps with comprehensive token metadata. Developers can leverage the Orderbook API for limit orders or accessing liquidity directly from 0x’s Orderbook. Real-time DEX prices are made accessible through the Price API, ensuring users are always informed, while the Tx History API simplifies displaying users’ trading history. The Base ecosystem collaborates with 0x, leveraging its liquidity infrastructure to provide efficient trading and DeFi services, contributing to a secure and decentralized Layer 2 solution on Ethereum. Major Ethereum platforms and services, including Aave, Chainlink, Etherscan, and Sushi Swap, operate on the Base network, enhancing its DeFi offerings.

2. Aerodrome Finance

Aerodrome Finance stands as a cutting-edge Automated Market Maker (AMM) amalgamating prime attributes from Curve, Convex, and Uniswap. Operating as Base’s primary trading and liquidity hub, it features a robust liquidity incentive mechanism alongside a vote-lock governance structure. Liquidity providers deposit tokens for trading and earn $AERO emissions as rewards, while veAERO voters decide on pools eligible for emissions, receiving full incentives and fees for their chosen pools. The platform facilitates seamless token swaps with minimal slippage and nominal fees, incentivizing liquidity across stable and volatile pairs. Unique to Aerodrome is the introduction of liquid locked positions through NFTs, granting additional benefits to LPs. It fosters an environment of permissionless creation for pools and gauges, promoting community engagement and innovation. With a focus on sustainable growth, Aerodrome implements anti-dilution rebases to safeguard veAERO voters’ influence as liquidity expands. Key metrics include $318.94 million TVL, $1.08 billion annualized trading volume, $14.21 million annualized fees, and 32,760 active users.

3. AlienBase

AlienBase invites crypto enthusiasts to embark on a stellar journey, boasting a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $2.21 million. Within this space, dubbed as a haven for earthlings, users can delve into trading microcap tokens in Area 51, shielded from the volatility often encountered in traditional markets. The platform’s native utility token, ALB, offers staking opportunities with an impressive APR, accompanied by exclusive airdrops from Area 511. AlienBase aims to cultivate a secure environment for DeFi exploration, prioritizing emergent and experimental projects alongside established blue-chip tokens within the broader Base ecosystem. Here, traders can engage in trading blue-chip assets and derivatives while exploring experimental tokens, predictions, and lotteries in Area 51. Positioned as a vibrant hub for innovation and collaboration, AlienBase caters to diverse needs within the crypto community, fostering a dynamic space for exploration and growth.

4. Angle Protocol

Angle Protocol stands as a resilient stablecoin infrastructure designed to navigate through diverse market conditions. Governed by the community, it introduces EURA and USDA stablecoins, each pegged to the Euro and U.S. Dollar respectively, fortified by secured collateral and robust anti-depeg mechanisms. The platform offers agEUR, the most liquid Euro stablecoin, and stEUR, a staked variant generating yields from real-world assets (RWAs) and protocol fees. Notably, Angle Protocol embraces transparency, allowing public scrutiny of its reserves, and facilitates collective decision-making by ANGLE token holders. Security audits by leading firms ensure the protocol’s integrity. With applications spanning borrowing, leverage, forex exchange, and integration with DeFi apps, Angle Protocol empowers global users to optimize their assets on-chain.

5. Astaria

It is a prominent DeFi protocol within the Base ecosystem, emerged in early 2024 as a focal point for DeFi enthusiasts. Functioning primarily as a lending platform, it facilitates borrowing and lending of digital assets. Notably, Astaria distinguishes itself by implementing oracle-free lending, thereby eliminating reliance on external oracles for price feeds, opting instead for an intent-based system for fixed-rate lending. Offering loans with unlimited durations, Astaria provides borrowers with flexibility, enabling them to hold loans indefinitely, contingent upon meeting repayment terms. Leveraging the security and cost-efficiency advantages of Layer 2 solutions within the Base ecosystem, Astaria promises a robust and economical lending experience. Spearheaded by an ex-SushiSwap CTO, the protocol underwent stringent testing during its beta phase, ensuring its readiness for the demanding DeFi landscape.

6. Avantis

It emerges as an oracle-based synthetic derivatives protocol facilitating leveraged trading of cryptocurrencies and real-world assets with up to 100x leverage. Its key features encompass scalable leverage for traders and liquidity providers, allowing access to 100x leverage for major assets and enabling USDC liquidity provision for yield generation. With all transactions settled on-chain, Avantis ensures trustless execution using Circle’s USDC as collateral. Employing a hybrid approach, it combines the user-friendly interface of centralized finance (CeFi) with fully on-chain execution, settlement, and self-custody characteristic of decentralized finance (DeFi). Avantis also introduces advanced market-making vaults in DeFi, providing liquidity providers with real yields while controlling their risk exposure. Built on the high-performance OP Superchain secured by Ethereum, Avantis ensures top-tier execution and security, augmented by low-latency oracles powered by Pyth for optimal pricing and Chainlink backup feeds for decentralization reinforcement.

7.Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance stands as a decentralized finance (DeFi) Yield Optimizer project, dedicated to assisting users in maximizing their cryptoasset earnings through autocompounding. By automating yield farming, Beefy streamlines DeFi processes, ensuring simplicity, safety, and efficiency for all participants, eliminating the need for manual actions and associated fees. Its autocompounding feature reinvests tokens automatically, enhancing earnings without requiring active management of positions. Notably, Beefy recently expanded its reach by launching on Base, an optimistic rollup chain developed by Coinbase, merging Ethereum’s security with fast and cost-effective rollup technology. As part of Base’s launch, Beefy actively participates in the Onchain Summer campaign, offering enticing DeFi incentives and ensuring users remain engaged and benefit from the DeFi opportunities presented.


In summary, Base DeFi is spearheading a new era of decentralized finance, marked by accessibility and innovation. With a diverse ecosystem of projects like 0x, Aerodrome Finance, AlienBase, and more, Base DeFi offers solutions ranging from liquidity incentives to leveraged trading. These projects prioritize security, transparency, and community governance, laying the foundation for a future where finance is truly democratized and inclusive.

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