From Meme.Fun to Quail Finance: The Top Blast Social Dapps

From Meme.Fun to Quail Finance: The Top Blast Social Dapps

Blast Social Dapp heralds a new era of decentralized application (dApp) innovation, situated on the Blast Layer-2 network, offering a distinct contribution to the Web3 ecosystem. Its standout feature lies in the introduction of native yield for cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDC, USDT, and DAI. Users can securely store these assets in their Blast wallet, with each token automatically generating yield upon bridging to Blast. Integration with platforms such as DappRadar enables users to explore, monitor, and assess dApps within the Blast ecosystem. This advancement signifies a significant stride in the progression of blockchain technology and its diverse applications.

blast social dapps

Top Blast Social Dapps

1. Meme.Fun

Meme.Fun, a standout meme coin in the Blast ecosystem, prioritizes community engagement and social media interaction, ushering in a novel era where cryptocurrency integrates memes for communal growth and participation. Leveraging Blast’s decentralized applications (dApps), Meme.Fun offers users a range of services including gaming, DeFi platforms, and social networking. With potential airdrop campaigns alongside Blast’s, users can earn rewards from both the platform and specific project Airdrops simultaneously. Essentially, Meme.Fun epitomizes the evolution of social dApps on Blast, blending meme entertainment with blockchain functionality for a distinctive and immersive user journey, showcasing Blast’s commitment to innovation and community involvement in blockchain technology.

2. Galxe

Galxe, a pioneering social decentralized application (dApp) within the Blast ecosystem, endeavors to usher the world into Web3 by facilitating seamless interactions via AI, digital identity, and blockchain solutions. Its standout features include the Galxe Identity Protocol, employing zero-knowledge proof tech for secure, self-sovereign identity management, boasting 209M verified credential holders. Galxe Passport serves as a secure repository for user identity data, fostering Web3 navigation while safeguarding privacy, with over 780K holders. Additionally, Galxe fosters community growth through initiatives like the BlastZone Early Testnet Contribution campaign and offers robust Dapp analytics, empowering users with actionable insights. Ultimately, Galxe stands as an inclusive credential data network, empowering Web3 developers and users alike.

3. Gm. app, an essential decentralized application (dApp) within the Blast ecosystem, serves as a hub for user connection, creation, and curation, nurturing a dynamic community in the Web3 landscape. Key features include Blast Points, earned by holding ETH on Blast, which qualify users for the Blast Airdrop. Through, these points accrue via smart contracts when users engage in NFT minting via bonding curves. Blast Gold, earmarked for Dapps, constitutes around 50% of the Airdrop and is manually distributed by the Blast incentives committee to incentivize TVL within NFT collections. Additionally, Passport ensures secure identity management and data autonomy across diverse applications.

4. EarlyFans

EarlyFans, a SocialFi platform developed on Blast L2 by Atticc Labs, facilitates both social and financial interactions between creators and fans. Creators, leveraging their social influence, can monetize directly from their content, while fans, as early supporters, may gain speculative benefits. Notably, EarlyFans earned recognition as a runner-up in the Blast Big Bang competition and received Blast Gold. Ensuring trust and security, both the application and token contracts have undergone auditing and certification by Certik. This platform epitomizes the innovative spirit within the Blast ecosystem, offering creators a means to monetize their influence and fans an opportunity to support and participate in their favorite creators’ success.

5. PacBot

PacBot, a social trading platform operating on Blast L2, offers a distinctive fusion of bot trading and SocialFi, simplifying Web3 adoption and crypto trading. Key features include its role as a personal trading assistant, aiding users in optimizing their trading strategies. Utilizing Telegram as a WebApp, it integrates a wallet, trading bot, and social trading groups for seamless access. Within the PacBot ecosystem, Pacmoon serves as the community coin, rewarding active contributors of quality content with PAC token incentives. Unlike typical social media farming projects, Pacmoon prioritizes content quality over mere mentions, fostering a rewarding environment. PacBot underscores the ongoing innovation within the Blast ecosystem, amalgamating social and financial realms.

6. Pacmoon

Pacmoon, situated on the Blast Layer-2 network, stands out as a community coin tailored for content creators, bridging social media and finance for enhanced Web3 accessibility and crypto engagement. Noteworthy features include its function as a platform rewarding active participation in the Pacmoon community with PAC token incentives, emphasizing the value of quality content over mere mentions. Unlike typical social media platforms, Pacmoon actively filters spammy content, ensuring only genuine contributions are rewarded. Moreover, it strictly prohibits the use of bots to artificially boost engagement, fostering an authentic and rewarding environment. Pacmoon exemplifies the innovation within the Blast ecosystem, seamlessly integrating social and financial elements for a dynamic user experience.

7. Quail Finance

Quail Finance, embedded within the Blast social dApp, revolutionizes decentralized finance (DeFi) by offering collateral-free loans grounded in social trust. Users initiate the process by creating a customized pot, specifying the amount, participants, interest rate, and rotation cycle¹. Leveraging simple invite links, users can gather trusted peers from NFT Communities, Alpha Groups, or DAOs. As the pot activates, entries close, and the rotation cycle commences, each participant contributes cyclically, with one member receiving a larger sum in rotation. Unique features include collateral-free loans and the platform’s reliance on social trust for financial collaboration. Quail Finance spearheads the SocialFi movement, attracting a growing user base daily, redefining DeFi through social connectivity and trust.


In conclusion, the Blast ecosystem has become a fertile ground for pioneering decentralized applications (dApps) that are reshaping the landscape of Web3. These dApps, ranging from social trading platforms like PacBot to innovative financial solutions like Quail Finance, showcase the versatility and ingenuity fostered within the Blast ecosystem. With features like native yield generation, social trust-based lending, and community-driven content monetization, Blast dApps exemplify the fusion of blockchain technology with social and financial interactions. As more users join these platforms daily, it’s evident that Blast is at the forefront of driving forward the evolution of blockchain technology and its applications.


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