How Much Does It Cost to Run a Background Check?

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Background Check?

Background screening prices vary depending on what type of screening you choose to run. Criminal history checks, which are a basic component of any screening, can cost up to $100. You can expect to pay $30 on average to check someone’s financial history. These are the prices charged by background check providers. Although you don’t necessarily need to use one, they are highly recommended since they can save you lots of time and effort.  

Court Records

Court records are publicly accessible online. Each state has a database, and you will need to run your search according to the state where your person of interest resides. Enter your subject’s name in the database and you’ll get all the information available. This might include evidence of crimes and convictions.

Other Reliable Sources

Another reliable source of information you can use is the US government’s e-verify system. When vetting candidates, you should talk to their current employers or character references. Reference checks are free. In addition, you should follow up on any information provided to learn more about them. While using resources such as job sites will increase your recruitment pool, it will do the same with your risk exposure.

Google Search

You can also get a lot done with a simple Google search. You will get access to your subject’s social media accounts and view their posts and pictures to get an idea of what they are like. However, information found on social media information cannot be used for employment purposes. If you decide to reject them based on what you have seen in their profiles, your decision can be contested in court.

Types of Subscription Plans  

Some screening services charge a flat rate per report. On the other hand, others offer subscription plans for one month, three months, six months, or permanent access. With the last option, you can pay a lump sum to be able to check as many people as you want. Large and medium-sized companies that do a lot of hiring will find this a good option. Moreover, a limited monthly plan is best for occasional hiring. You can also run case-by-case checks and pay per report. Finally, an HR team can run background checks in-house for free.

If you’re screening someone for employment purposes, the type of background check you choose should depend on your company’s activity. For instance, if you’re hiring a new staff member to manage finances, you’d need to run a financial check. Hiring a driver? Then, you will need to examine this person’s driving history.

How can a Professional Screening Provider Help?

Professional screening companies are experts in background checks. They will find the relevant information about your person of interest, and all you will need to do is to view the background check results. Not only does this simplify any candidate search, but it also frees up your time for other engagements.

You may be on a shoestring budget, especially if your business is small, and as a result, you might be tempted to skip the background check. However, screening is an important investment in safety and protection, both for your company and your staff. To mitigate associated costs, you can run your checks on primary staff and outsource the task to a specialized provider for other staff and job applicants.

Many background check tools are available online for free, but the information they provide isn’t always accurate. Before making any investment, it is important to conduct a risk assessment. If your business has interactions with vulnerable groups, you should avoid cutting corners. A background check done by a reliable and reputable service will help keep your company and existing employees safe.

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