How to Quickly and Efficiently Grow Your Team For Your Business

How to Quickly and Efficiently Grow Your Team For Your Business

If your business finds itself with some unexpected growth potential, or it needs to expand quickly, you may find yourself in the predicament of needing to hire a lot of employees and quickly get them up to speed. Not a simple task. There are two important steps that must be taken to quickly hire and integrate your new employees.

Create an effective hiring process

The hiring process is intensive and difficult, but the value of a good employee is incalculable. To quickly hire new, yet skilled candidates, there are several steps you must take:

Attract the right applicants

When looking for candidates, you must first have a job posting which will draw in applicants that fit the job. Make sure you include whatever requirements are necessary for the position such as experience and hard skills. These are the non-negotiable attributes that a candidate must have in order for you to consider them. Then mention other skills which would be helpful for the job. Finally, mention soft skills which you think would make them an effective member in your company.

If you aren’t getting the applicants you want, try offering a referral program for your current employees to take advantage of. Giving them a reward when you hire a candidate is a good incentive to find people that they think would fit the job. It also has the added benefit of improving the odds that this new hire will get along with the team member that they already know.

Research your candidate

After you narrow down your applicants it is a good time to do some research on your candidates. You can check on their social media platforms to make sure there aren’t any red flags. Additionally, consider submitting them to a quick background check to make sure that no issues such as a criminal record or identity fraud pop up.

Interview well

An interview is probably the most important step in the hiring process. It is the best way to learn about an applicant’s personality and fit before you hire them. Conducting a great interview means you are asking the right questions about a candidate but you aren’t making the candidate feel uncomfortable. If you get them acting natural, you can start to see how they may behave when they are working for you and not in an unusual and high stress situation such as an interview.

Conduct thorough and efficient training

The next step in creating a strong employee is to conduct effective training, because after the hire, it isn’t the employees fault that they fail, it is your company’s fault for an ineffective training method. Make sure that you train in a consistent and thorough manner to eliminate any confusion in a new hire. Ambiguity leads to problems and poor habits down the line which will then be hard to break.

After you have made several different hires and trained them, evaluate your process. Did anything go wrong? Were there any mistakes along the way? If you had a bad hire, or a poorly trained employee, how and why did that happen? Is that something you can fix? By asking yourself these questions you can refine your onboarding process and make it quicker and more efficient.

By focusing on these two steps and then consistently iterating over them again and again your company will quickly be able to hire and train an employee with fewer and fewer issues as time goes on. Your process will become more efficient and your team will be prepped for easy growth.

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