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Nordstrom Credit Card Review – Is it Worth or not?

Nordstrom Credit Card Review – Is it Worth or not?

Do you have a perfect cibil score? And, thinking to get a Nordstrom credit card? It is vital to check out what others have to say about any particular service or credit card before you apply. There is no doubt Nordstrom credit card is perfect for shoppers & travelers or who would like to spend more regularly.

They do carry a reward system for their customers also Nordstrom has a loyal base of shoppers, for shoppers, there is Nordstrom shopper credit card as well. However, Nordstrom offers two types of credit card to its customers the one who can use in Nordstrom outlets only, and the other two can use where VISA Credit Card is accepted.

Nordstrom Credit Card:


We explain this earlier. They offer three types of card to their customers. However, the reward points application applied to every card. Meanwhile, every user of Nordstrom Credit card can earn rewards points (depends upon their spendings though).

The cards they offer:

  1. Retail card: This is the first card we were talking about, you can only use this card at Nordstrom outlets, and when we speak about the reward system, you get 2x points per dollar spent.
  2. Visa Platinum: The second card we were talking about is the Visa Platinum Credit Card by Nordstrom. The reward system is the same as Retail card, but you can use this card anywhere. The VISA is accepted, and also, you will earn 1 point per dollar spent at other outlets.
  3. Visa Signature: Visa Signature works the same as the Platinum version of Nordstrom Credit Card. But, apart from reward points, you will receive some extra benefits that included traveling and access to some events as well.

Note: Reward points can be redeemed for Nordstrom gift vouchers only.

Nordstrom Credit Card Benefits:

For telling you the exact worth of this credit card. You need to know about the benefits you are going to get.

  1. Rewards:

All the credit card holders earn reward points on their spends. Rewards points can be like 2x for Nordstrom outlets and 1x for other outlets. The same points can be redeemed for getting Nordstrom gift card.

  1. Cardholder Levels Perks:

The more you spend the upper level you get. The top-level has exciting offers for you. However, it depends upon the amount you spend.

Level 1 (up to $1,999): 1 personal triple points day.

Level 2 ($2,000 – $4,999): 2 personal triple points days, an invitation to an exclusive holiday event

Level 3 ($5,000 – $9,999): 3 particular triple points days, experience packages for purchase, free alterations up to $300, the invitation to an exclusive holiday event.

Level 4 ($10,000+): 4 personal triple points days, unlimited free revisions, the invitation to an exclusive holiday event, experience packages for purchase, VIP experiences.

  1. Intro Offer: 

The day when you receive your credit card, and if you spend more than 100$ on the first day, you will get 20$ back. 

Bottom Line:

This card seems pretty well to me if you are a regular shopper at Nordstrom outlets. Most of the benefits you are getting are premium, and usually, not any company of credit card do offers the same. 

There are no annual charges for renewing the credit card as well.  I’ll suggest you go for this if you are a regular shopper and you can take much benefit on your triple points day by spending much.

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