Optimism NFTs: Top NFT Projects

Optimism NFTs: Top NFT Projects

The landscape of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is experiencing a revolutionary change with the introduction of Optimism NFTs. These NFTs, which are more than just digital art, serve as unique digital avatars that not only reflect the user’s artistic flair but also establish their on-chain identity.

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Decoding Optimism NFTs

Optimism NFTs are unique digital avatars that provide users with a platform to express their individuality in the virtual world³. The cornerstone of this innovation is the digital certificates, known as attestations, which leverage AttestationStation, a groundbreaking attestation smart contract on Optimism.

Unveiling the Uniqueness

Optimism NFTs, with their exceptional customization capabilities, are redefining personal expression within the NFT ecosystem. This advanced level of personalization distinguishes them, positioning Optimism NFTs as pioneers in the field.

Top Optimism NFT projects

1. Bored Town

Bored Town, a collection of 5555 Bored Town Monsters residing on the Optimism blockchain, was crafted by sorryvrerror, a notable Thai NFT artist. Its launch on June 11th, 2022, witnessed an overwhelming response, with 20,000 transactions from 5,900 unique wallets, underscoring the soaring demand for NFTs and the project’s burgeoning popularity. Offering holders the freedom to create derivative works for personal and commercial use under CC BY-SA terms, Bored Town cultivates a dynamic community on Optimism. Through quests, town halls, cross-promotions, and giveaways, they foster engagement, supported by an active Discord and Twitter presence. Bored Town epitomizes NFT innovation and community-driven artistry on the Optimism blockchain.

2. NiftyKit

NiftyKit, a platform facilitating Optimism NFT drops and smart contracts, offers creators and brands a hassle-free solution for launching NFT projects without coding. With over 5,000 projects launched, 4.8 million NFTs minted, and $25 million in creator earnings, NiftyKit supports multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Nova, and Optimism¹. Its features include user-friendly API deployment of fully audited smart contracts, embeddable mint buttons for websites, revenue sharing options, customizable gated content, asset and metadata control, and waitlist building capabilities. NiftyKit empowers creators to effortlessly manage and monetize their NFT projects, fostering innovation and accessibility in the NFT space.

3. OptiPunks

OptiPunks, a collection of 10,000 unique digital characters, holds proof of ownership on the Optimism blockchain. Launched on November 15th, these assets were minted for 0.005 ETH. Each OptiPunk stands as a distinctive collectible within the NFT space, boasting individuality and value. Notably, proceeds from their sale contribute to public goods funding, showcasing a novel integration of NFTs and societal support. With an active community engagement, updates on the donation process are regularly shared. OptiPunks are readily accessible to collectors and enthusiasts through the OptiMarket NFT Marketplace, underscoring their presence and appeal.

4. Motorheadz

It presents a distinctive NFT collection stored on the Optimism blockchain, comprising 4,321 tokens held by 2,222 unique owners. Each Motorheadz token is a unique digital asset, adding value and appeal to collectors. Featuring nostalgic illustrations by JVMI, these tokens boast an artistic allure. Accessible on platforms like OpenSea Optimism and Quix, Motorheadz NFTs cater to enthusiasts and collectors alike. This collection marks a significant advancement in the Optimism NFT landscape, blending unique digital artistry with a dedication to public goods funding.

5. Aethernity

Aethernity stands as a collection of 365 distinct NFTs housed within the Optimism blockchain¹. Crafted solely from hand-drawn artworks by @Travenesia1, each NFT represents a unique digital collectible, adding inherent value and exclusivity¹. Notably, 50% of primary sales proceeds contribute to funding public goods on Gitcoin Grants (GR14) during the specified period from June 8 to 23, 20221. Accessible on the Optimism blockchain, Aethernity NFTs cater to collectors and enthusiasts, underscoring their presence and accessibility within the NFT marketplace¹. This collection intertwines artistic excellence with a commitment to supporting public initiatives, embodying innovation and community engagement in the NFT ecosystem.

6. Apetimism

Apetimism emerges as a community-led Profile Picture (PFP) NFT endeavor within the Optimism network. It delves into exploring the intrinsic and enduring value of NFTs by establishing a business model around them. Central to its ethos is community empowerment, recognizing the pivotal role of a robust and engaged community in attracting partnerships, brands, and sustainable benefits. Designed to operate as a profitable and self-sustaining entity, Apetimism pioneers a new paradigm where NFT ventures are anchored by tangible business foundations. Serving as a launchpad for NFT projects across multiple networks, Apetimism boasts a limited supply of 3,999 NFTs¹, achieving rapid sell-out success in just 12 minutes despite market conditions.

7. Bluesweep

Bluesweep revolutionizes NFT management on the Optimism network, emphasizing user convenience and financial prudence. Its array of features includes gas-saving capabilities, enabling users to conserve up to 76% of gas expenses when purchasing NFTs. Additionally, Bluesweep streamlines the acquisition process by facilitating bulk transactions of up to 30 NFTs at once, ensuring efficiency in collecting multiple assets. Moreover, it serves as a valuable resource for NFT discovery, guiding users towards curated selections within the Optimism markets. As a top-tier NFT marketplace aggregator, Bluesweep is committed to integrating layer 2 scaling solutions, promoting accessibility and scalability. In essence, Bluesweep redefines the NFT landscape on Optimism, offering a user-centric platform for managing, discovering, and acquiring NFTs while delivering substantial cost savings.


In conclusion, the introduction of Optimism NFTs marks a revolutionary transformation within the landscape of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These unique digital avatars not only serve as expressions of individuality but also lay the foundation for establishing on-chain identities. With features like exceptional customization and contributions to public goods funding, Optimism NFTs redefine personal expression and community engagement within the NFT ecosystem. Moreover, the diverse range of top Optimism NFT projects showcased, from Bored Town to Bluesweep, exemplifies the innovation and creativity flourishing within this space. As Optimism NFTs continue to evolve and thrive, they promise to shape the future of digital identity and artistic expression on the blockchain.


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