Preparation of Class 12 Board Using NCERT Solutions

Preparation of Class 12 Board Using NCERT Solutions

The class 12 board examination is the most important exam for all students and scoring well in the class 12 board examination will ensure a bright future for the students. The students who are appearing for the 12-board exam can prepare their syllabus using the NCERT solutions as it will benefit them and help them prepare properly. The NCERT solutions are prepared by the experts and cover all the chapters and important topics along with good examples. Thus, this article will provide you with all the necessary tips required for preparing for your 12-board exam using the NCERT solutions.

NCERT Solutions for All Subjects in Class 12

The NCERT solutions provide solutions for all the subjects and preparing from them will be advantageous for the students. The NCERT solutions for physics, chemistry, English, maths, etc. all are available and students can easily prepare from them. The solutions consist of additional questions and points that will also benefit the students who are preparing for the 12-board exam. The NCERT solutions are designed by the experts and it is prepared by doing a lot of research and development. It is made in such a way that students can benefit from it.

Make Notes from the NCERT Solutions and Solve Question

While preparing from the NCERT solutions, try to make notes of the important questions and topics and use them for revision. Before referring to the solutions to the questions from the NCERT solutions, try to solve and understand the questions on your own. This will help you to develop your skills and analyze.

NCERT Solutions for Maths and Some Important Topics

The NCERT solutions for maths cover all the chapters and questions. The maths subject comprises 6 chapters. Some of the important chapters that are included in the solutions and by which students can prepare themselves are as follows:

  • Relation and Functions: This chapter is important and holds 8 marks in total. Students while preparing from the NCERT solutions can easily complete this chapter and thus will be able to score well.
  • Calculus: This is the most important chapter and also holds the maximum marks. This chapter holds 35 marks and students who want to score well in maths need to prepare this chapter from the NCERT solutions thoroughly and carefully. There are many examples and solved questions that students can use to prepare.
  • Vector and 3D Geometry: This chapter is also important and holds 14 marks. This chapter is explained excellently in the NCERT solutions and students can learn and practice this chapter from it.

NCERT Solutions for Physics and Some Important Topics

The NCERT solutions for physics cover all the chapters and questions. There are some excellent examples that students can practice and learn for understanding difficult questions and concepts. In Physics, students are required to know how to implement the formulas and concepts in numerical questions, the NCERT solutions will help you to do so. Some of the important chapters and topics which are covered in the NCERT physics solutions are as follows:

  • Electrostatics: This unit is important and holds 16 marks. This unit is also divided into two chapters.
  • Optics: Another important chapter and students should be thorough with it.
  • Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter: The NCERT solutions cover all the questions and topics from this unit and also provide additional questions related to the topics, etc.

NCERT Solutions for Chemistry and Some Important Topics:

The NCERT solutions for chemistry cover all the chapters and topics. In chemistry solutions, there are formulas and equations which are explained very thoroughly with the help of examples. Students can easily learn the formulas and the concepts by studying from the solutions. Chemistry is a subject where students can score the maximum marks easily with proper preparation. The NCERT solutions will provide the same thing in a better and easier way for you. Some of the important chapters and topics which are covered in the NCERT chemistry solutions are as follows:

  • Solid State: This is the first chapter and is one of the most important chapters.
  • Solutions.
  • Electrochemistry.
  • P, d, and f- block elements: The p, d, and f block elements hold 19 marks and are very important. If you want to score well, you need to be thorough with this chapter.

Advantage of the Class 12 NCERT Solutions

Every student wants to prepare well for their 12-board examination and wants to score well no matter what. Students often misjudge their syllabus and panic at the end moment. For this reason, the NCERT solutions provide the best possible solutions and questions that will help students to secure good marks. Students should prepare from the NCERT solutions or at least take its help. There are many advantages of the NCERT 12 solutions and some of them are given in the below points:

  • The NCERT solutions provide a proper understanding of the concepts and topics. It also helps you to get an idea of what and how you should prepare. You will be able to grasp and learn important points from every chapter while preparing for the solutions.
  • The chapters are explained readily so that students can understand the concept.
  • All the solutions for the questions in the NCERT solutions are well explained and thus students can use it to learn each topic thoroughly and gain confidence. Learning questions with additional examples and explanations will help you to grasp and understand the concept and its implementations.
  • The NCERT class 12 solutions are designed to help all the students to be able to learn and understand the chapters and their topics properly and to be able to score well.
  • The class 12 NCERT solutions will act as your guide in the examination and you will appreciate it. The NCERT solutions make it easy for both students and teachers. 

For the class 12 board exam, the NCERT solutions are the best solutions book that you can use and score well in the exam. The NCERT solutions cover all the chapters and subjects present in the class 12 syllabus.

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