Things Bike Riders Must Carry In Their Riding Kit

Things Bike Riders Must Carry In Their Riding Kit

A two-wheeler is the most convenient mode of transportation for most people in India. Every other person owns a bike. However, it is better to be familiar with the dos and don’ts when riding long distances on your two-wheeler. The chances are that you might be forgetting something important, every time!

The following are the list of things bikers need to carry in their riding kit –

  1. Bike Spare Parts and Tools

Things Bike Riders Must CarryWhen we say bike spare parts, we are not talking about huge components. At times, breakdowns can happen due to a malfunction of minute components. On the other hand, you can keep tools, such as a multi-function screwdriver, plier, clutch cable, etc, handy in your riding kit.

In case of a breakdown in the middle of a stranded road, at least you will be well prepared in advance. During an extreme case scenario, you can get in touch with the nearest network garage listed in your bike insurance plan.

  1. First Aid Kit

Things Bike Riders Must CarryA first aid kit is one of the essential things to carry when riding long distances or otherwise. Whether it is a small injury or a big one, at least you will be able to take basic medication and care. The first aid kit comes in handy when you are stuck in an isolated area and cannot find a way to the nearest hospital.


  1. Riding Gear

Things Bike Riders Must CarryMake sure that you are wearing an appropriate riding gear when travelling long distances on your bike. A riding gear that fits perfectly will help you relax with its breathable liners. Also, consider wearing sturdy pants, ankle boots, and a full-face helmet. When travelling on highways, make sure that you wear knee guards as well.


  1. Vehicle Paperwork

Things Bike Riders Must CarryHaving the bike documents with you at all times is a must when riding on Indian roads. These documents include the bike insurance plan, vehicle registration certificate, PUC, and driving licence. Failing to present any of these documents when asked by the traffic police will attract penalties.

In case you are worried that you might lose the original paperwork, especially when it comes to insurance papers, you can download the bike insurance app. A bike insurance app not only retrieves your insurance document whenever needed but is a hassle-free way to renew your policy as well.

  1. Other Essentials

Things Bike Riders Must CarryLastly, make sure that you have the following things with you as well when riding –



  • Cash in case of emergencies: You can use this money for miscellaneous expenses such as fuel refill and food. When traveling to remote parts of the country, you may not find ATMs on the way. Hence, it is necessary to carry cash with you.
  • Hydration Kit: Carry all the required fluids to keep you hydrated during your trip.
  • Sunglasses/ Sunscreen: It helps you avoid sunburns and keep you from getting any skin infection.

In The End

The most prominent thing that you need to carry with you at all times, whether you are travelling distances or just around the corner is the bike insurance policy.

Insurers in India offer comprehensive bike insurance plans that cover third-party liabilities and damage to the vehicle as well. You can use the bike insurance calculator to determine the premiums charged on your selected coverage. Choose a plan that is affordable and best suits your needs.

Keep this, and other essentials in your riding kit and you are all set to explore the road in front of you.

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