Top 5 Chemical Stocks in India to Watch in 2023

Top 5 Chemical Stocks in India to Watch in 2023

Chemicals are used in various industries like paper, soaps, detergents, textiles, paints, and others. Depending on the usage and combination, chemicals are used on a standalone basis or in combination with others to create the final product.

Mainly the industry produces agrochemicals, petrochemicals, and speciality chemicals, among others. With their comprehensive use in many industries, chemical stocks can be a good fit to include in your trading portfolio for online trading in stock market. We will look at some prominent chemical stocks to watch out for this year in this article. 

top chemical stocks

1. Pidilite

Pidilite has established its footprint in the adhesives market. It has offerings in automotive chemicals, paint chemicals, industrial adhesives, organic pigments, and preparations. The company has created famous brands like Dr Fixit, Robby Ideas, M-Seal, Fevicol, and others.

Pidilite produces a wide range of products in PVC insulation tape, paper glue, and epoxy putty segments. Some of its famous brands include Fevistick, Feviquick, and Terminator.

  • Pidilite Share Price as on June 2023: ₹2725+
  • Pidilite Market Cap: ₹1314.57 billion 

2.   SRF

SRF is one of the leading producers of packaging films and speciality chemicals. SRF produces fluorospecialities and polyester films. The company is also a leader in industrial yarns, engineering plastics, and refrigerants. It serves the pharma and agrochemicals industry.

SRF has managed to expand its operations in Thailand and South Africa while making a name in the Indian Market.

  • SRF Share Price as on June 2023: ₹2358+
  • SRF Market Cap: ₹745.62 billion 

3.    UPL

UPL is well-known for its agrochemical products and flexes its muscles into the production of industrial chemicals, crop protection products, and speciality chemicals. Besides this, it has diversified into the production of regulatory products and plant growth.

In agrochemicals, UPL provides seeds, crop protection products, and post-harvest solutions. The company has a wide range of brands under the name Vijeta, Phoskill, Copter, Oorja, and many more.

  • UPL Share Price as on June 2023: ₹680+
  • UPL Market Cap: ₹516.49 billion 

4.  PI Industries

PI industries mostly cater to the agrochemical sector but offerings also expand to speciality chemicals, fine chemicals, and contract research and manufacturing services. The company provides solutions in plant protection and nutrients, seeds, crop protection, agro chem, and pharma intermediates.

The company has expanded its facilities to Europe, Asia, and other International Markets.

  • PI Industries Share Price as on June 2023: ₹3767+
  • PI Industries Market Cap: ₹527.75 billion

5.   Deepak Nitrite

Deepak Nitrite is a well-known name in inorganic, speciality chemicals, and organic chemicals. The company caters to pharma, rubber, agrochemicals, fine chemicals, and colourants. Deepak Nitrite is also involved in bulk chemicals and commodities, fluorescent whitening agents, and fine chemicals.

The firm has its manufacturing facility in Gujarat, Telangana, and Maharashtra.

  • Deepak Nitrite Share Price as on June 2023: ₹2047+
  • Deepak Nitrite Market Cap: ₹282.95 billion


While online trading in stock market has never been easy, building robust portfolios to take advantage of the technology is the best you can strive for. The chemical sector is set to grow exponentially due to the increased demand for chemicals in different industries, which can help you leverage these stocks for building a robust trading portfolio.

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