Top 7 Travel Insurance in India 2020

Top 7 Travel Insurance in India 2020

We all love to travel to get into peace and relaxation. But unfortunately going in today environment is an inevitable part of life. In this case, we need travel insurance to cover the trip securely. Of course, travel insurance is the best part of your equipment when you want to travel. Do you have confusion about what is travel insurance? Well, it is the best thing for you. In this post, we will see some top 7 best travel insurance in India 2020. By covering travel insurance, you can travel between national or international borders.

Apollo Munich Easy travel insurance

Of course, Apollo offers a variety of travel insurance policies. It is suitable for people, families, seniors and so on. They can use for multiple trips and have a secure trip forever. This insurance policy applies to people aged six months to 70 years. The insurance period is nearly 180 days and claims when you need it. It is also applicable for individual insurance for the entire family. Travel plans are so comfortable and beneficial for everyone. It depends on company offers and personalised policy for claiming guarantee at the required time.

Reliance Annual multi-trip insurance plan

Reliance is a top-notch company offering several health benefits and travel insurance plans. People who love travel may require this plan frequently. A person may contract this travel insurance for six months. It may extend at the discretion of the insurance company. They will give you excellent experience to travel a lot. A person may contract travel insurance in India for six months forever. This plan is specially designed for those who travel a lot. The insurance plan is suitable for everyone to get outstanding benefits.


HDFC ERGO travel insurance

On the other hand, HDFC ERGO insurance plan is so familiar because of its unique benefits. People love to travel consider this policy to make a hassle-free trip. They give well known flexible plans for customers who want to travel. The company offers different policies that are quickly provided by the customers. It offers outstanding benefits to users who wish to provide reliable insurance policies forever. It would make flexible plans to meets accordingly for travellers needs. It entirely depends on the travel insurance plan for customers.

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Religare explore travel insurance

It is the best travel insurance that provides peace of mind when you travel somewhere. This policy holds the best thing for everyone to get into no upper age limit. It offers a flexible solution with double the amount insured after all. In the case of an injured person, you will get double compensation when compare others. Therefore, it offers a steady solution for making any changes in travel. It depends on affordable premium insurance plan forever.

Tata AIG travel insurance

People can prefer this travel insurance which has lots of benefits. Unlike others, it gives outstanding benefits for accessing with four plans. It delivers quick solutions when you travel abroad. The insurance policies will cover under any circumstances for travel. The policies are so familiar because of its unique benefits. They offer various insurance benefits and charge according to your desires. You can choose between four plans offered by Tata AIG travel insurance forever.

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance

Bajaj Allianz travel insurance is the best travel insurance that offers unique travel benefits. However, this insurance policy gives outstanding results when you plan a trip. The company provides private travel insurance and possibly made everything. It offers a quick solution for making changing over with resolving requests. The company covers policies to make your trip awesome. It gives benefits to people who love to travel securely. In India, this insurance policy discovers a new approach to save a trip with lots of benefits. It considers family travel insurance for covering up to limited time.

New India Overseas Mediclaim Policy

This policy is suitable for travelling abroad. In this policy, you will pay in local currency and loans in a foreign country. A person between 18 and 65 years are eligible for applying this policy. It gives outstanding benefits to people who want to travel abroad. This company provides hospital costs and outpatients costs included for a personal loan. The insurance covers from this company provide reliable insurance plans while making the trip. As a result, it covers a top to bottom coverage for your desires. Therefore, it let you focus on the best travel insurance for your needs. So, it takes only limited time for applying and get benefits all over.


From the above discussion, you will get benefits when you travel abroad. However, the high best travel insurance in India 2020 is helpful for you to cover unlimited policies. It depends on your requirements and has a secure trip forever.

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