SGX Nifty Live – Singapore Exchange Limited Nifty | Share Price | Trading Tips

SGX Nifty Live – Singapore Exchange Limited Nifty | Share Price | Trading Tips

You must come across this article looking for detailed information about SGX Nifty. Fortunately, you are in the right place. SGX (Singapore Exchange Limited) is one of the top investment holding companies. This company is located in Singapore and provides different services regarding trading, securities and other derivatives. For instance, SGX is also a member of the World Federation of Exchanges and the Asian and Oceanian Stock Exchanges Federation.

There is nothing to hide in this article. To be honest, this article is generally created for sharing live information about the share price of SGX Nifty to the people who are reading this article. There is nothing to be worried about as we have done all the tasks whichever are needed to share the live information about this share.

Let’s further look at more information in this article.

SGX Nifty Live – Share Price

We will not be adding any kind of script to this article that automatically fetches data from any third-party website and shows it in real-time. Instead, we will be updating this article manually to update our readers about the latest happenings and price changes in the SGX nifty share price.

For instance, the current share price of SGX nifty is near about 11.16 SGD. The price was lower than 10 SGD last week, it was often a good move for the people who had invested some amount in this share.

You can also refer to the screenshot we have added below in terms of Indian currency.

SGX Nifty Live

For instance, SGX Nifty is similar to the Indian markets including every part of the transaction, business, ease of availability.

The opening time of SGX nifty are as follows;

  • Mon-Fri – 9:00 am – 6:15 pm (6:30 am – 3:45 pm IST)
  • Mon-Fri – 7:15 pm – 1:00 am (4:45 pm – 10:30 pm IST)
  • Timings- Mon-Fri – 9:00 am – 6:15 pm (6:30 am – 3:45 pm IST) – SGX QUEST (T) Settlement same day.
  • Timings- Mon-Fri – 7:15 pm – 1:00 am (4:45 pm – 10:30 pm IST) – SGX QUEST (T+1) Settlement next day.
  • The trade can be up to 26 hours for Comparison at SGX Nifty contracts.

This share works by going through the tracking of Singapore Nifty. You can easily pretend the Indian market if you have a piece of good knowledge in the Singapore trade market. For instance, this is often similar to the National Stock Exchange of India.


Yes, Singapore Exchange Limited. is often beneficial for the traders. It is because the market gets opened before two hours of the Indian market. You can easily get enough knowledge about the market if you have invested in any Singapore shares. This probably states the trend and possibility of the things that the Indian market will get end with.

SGX Wiki Profile

We have mentioned it earlier in this article. Singapore Exchange Limited. (SGX) is Asia leading and trusted stock market infrastructure. This market provides trading, stocking, settlements, exchange and all the data related to the Singapore Stock market.

SGX Nifty (Singapore Exchange)

If we look into the trading time then nifty trades for around six hours in the Indian market, whereas the SGX Nifty trade for 16 hours according to the Indian market. 

The wiki profile as follows;

  • Website –
  • Industry – Financial Services
  • Address – 11 North Buona Vista Drive, #06-07 The Metropolis Tower 2, Singapore, Singapore 138589, SG
  • Headquarters – Singapore
  • Type – Public Company

Structure – SGX Nifty

SGX (Singapore Exchange Limited) is responsible for handling various divisions, and each division has divided to handle different and specific tasks. Let’s have a look at further divisions.

  • SGX ETS (Electronic Trading System) – It does provide global trading access to the Singapore Exchange market. Whereas 80% of the people are an outsider and not from Singapore.
  • SGX DT (Derivatives Trading) – This section is responsible for providing derivatives trading.
  • SGX ST (Securities Trading) – This section is responsible for providing securities trading.
  • SGX DC (Derivatives Clearing) – This section is responsible for subsidiaries and clearing the settlement operations.
  • SGX AsiaClear – It does offer clearing services for over-the-counter (OTC) oil swaps and freight agreements.
  • SGX Reach – This section is responsible for providing an electronic trading program.
  • Central Depository Pte Ltd – This is a subsidiary responsible for securities clearing, settlement and depository services.
  • Asian Gateway Investments Pte Ltd – It is itself a Subsidiary.
  • Singapore Exchange IT Solutions Pte Ltd – This division provides computer services and maintenance programs to the software used in the system.

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The company has been listed on SGX belong in one of two groups;

  • The companies listed on the mainboard.
  • The companies listed on SGX NASDAQ.

If the company wants to get listed on the mainboard, then the company has to fulfil some requirements set by SGX. Wherever the listing on NASDAQ does not require any such of the requirements.

Trading System –

The Singapore Exchange Limited. has launched SGX QUEST (SGX Quotation and Execution System) in August 2004. This platform is especially for the completion of trading securities and derivatives.

Trading Hours –

The trading hours are quite good. Unlike, the Indian market, one can trade for up to 16 hours, and the time is as follows;

  • Pre-open – 8:30 AM to 8:51 AM.
  • Market Open – 9:00 AM to 11:59 AM.
  • Pre-open (Mid-day break) – 12:00 PM to 12:59 PM.
  • Market open – 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.
  • Pre Close – 5:00 PM to 5:05 PM.
  • Close – 5:06 PM.

Trading Tips –

There is nothing much we can share over in this article. But, trading in the peak time would be beneficial. Moreover, we will only suggest that we start investing with a lower amount first. It is because you cannot be lucky every time.

It is often a long-term profitable share, and as we have added the SGX Nifty Live price in this article. You can have an idea about the trading. You can just think of yourself and research more before investing anything on SGX Nifty Live.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Some questions are important, and they often get asked to us by the people we get close to. Thus, instead of answering the common questions one by one in the comments section. We have decided to answer them over in one single place. Let’s have a look.

What is the SGX Nifty Live opening time?

Singapore Exchange Limited. (SGX) is Asia leading and trusted stock market infrastructure. This works in two contracts and both of them are having different timings to trade from all over the world. It even does allows trade from all over the world even if the market is closed.

For instance, the opening time of SGX Nifty Live in Singapore is 9:00 AM and 6:30 AM in India. It is because India is 2.5 hours behind Singapore.

What is SGX Nifty in India?

Singapore Nifty (SGX Nifty) is generally an Indian Nifty that gets traded in the international market, aka Singapore Stock Exchange Limited. It is generally the first indication of direction stated by the Indian stock exchange.

For instance, India and Singapore both are on the same continent (ASIA).

What is SGX Nifty Future now?

SGX Nifty is a derivative of NSE Nifty. This is quite popular on Singapore Stock Exchange. For instance, an attractive product for foreign investors and visitors who want to take a position in the Indian market. Thus, the future of SGX Nifty is often good.

It is good for the investment to the people who want to invest but do not want themselves to get registered under the Indian market.

What is the relation between SGX Nifty and Nifty?

We know that SGX Nifty is a derivative of the NSE Nifty Index. Thus, it gets traded officially at Singapore Stock Exchange. The relation between SGX and Nifty is common and the relation is, both are from the same continent (ASIA).

What is the effect of SGX Nifty on the Indian Market?

This one has many advantages over any other share in the Indian Market. For instance, the location of these two countries Singapore and India under the Asian continent facilitates excellent exchange services and lesser time-lapse during the trading.

For instance, SGX Nifty Live is dominated by US Dollars. Thus, it gives a good opportunity to the people who invest in US dollars and are from outside the Asian content zone.


Here we come at the end. (Singapore Exchange Limited) is one of the top investment holding companies. This company is located in Singapore and providing different services regarding trading, securities and other derivatives.

This company is also part of the world trading organization and facilitates a better relationship with India. The stock exchange between these two countries gets better. For instance, we have added this article for people who want to know about the share price of SGX Nifty Live. Thus, we have added everything along with a live price.

We hope the information we have added here helps. If there is anything else to ask? You are always welcome to ask us in the comments section.

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