What is Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report?

What is Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is a financial newsletter that focuses on understanding current trends and those that are about to see large-scale growth. 

Last year, the appeal of 5G technology improved significantly. However, Jeff Brown said that the most famous companies that value the equation the most are now focusing on 6G.

Jeff spoke about this emerging technology during the new speech and surpassed previously known 5G technology.

To ensure that customers continue to access as much detail about this resource as needed, Jeff annually publishes the lists of high-tech firms that he expects will become the greatest source of revenue.

He believes the next big thing is “a combination of technologies that take conventional 5G technology and speed it up to charge” and the “Near Future report.”

What is The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report provides consumers a monthly magazine (newsletter to be exact), thanks to Jeff Brown’s efforts. Jeff is a potential capitalist and former corporate business owner.

In the monthly newsletter, users will get information about the current technology market. They will gain access to additional reports that cannot be purchased separately.

Here is an in-depth review of the near future report.

This report and much more can only be found at the Brownstone Research Center in Delray Beach, Florida.

Why is 5G Technology Already Outdated?

One of Jeff’s main arguments against 5G is that it is grossly over the top. Multiple newsletters worldwide shed light on these emerging technologies and consider this one the future of communications.

They even covered the many roles that must be played to explain their profitability.

However, Jeff Brown’s report ‘About 5G Forgetting’ took a completely different turn, showing that when people completely forget about 5G technology, society must have short-term memory.

Now his final attention has turned to proprietary technology, which may be more potent than any feature 5G has provided so far.

With investments, consumers will depend on “making a fortune.” Jeff aims to demonstrate how and when to maximize the profit with monthly suggestions.

The technology turns out to be cloud computing. Understanding how it works can help users get involved before financial obligations become more important than rewards.

Enrolling for The Near Future Report

The estimated price of the annual membership is $49 to access “The Near Future Report.” When extended, the price rises to $129.

However, if you no longer wish to participate in the subscription, you can cancel your subscription before your subscription ends.

The company offers a 60-day return policy. If users find that the product does not fulfill their needs, they will refund their money.

What will you get in The Near Future Report?

By subscribing to The Near Future Report, consumers will have immediate access to a wealth of useful content from its annual access report, highlighting technology stocks and other investment opportunities.

Such ideas come straight from Jeff as well as other representatives of the researcher at Brownstone.

Three new types of research that can be downloaded in PDF format will now be available to customers. These additional reports include “More Than 5G: How To Make Money From Amazon Web Services” and “Self-Driving Cars: The 5G Gear Every American Will Need In The Near Future.”

Who is Jeff Brown?

Brown is a smart and straightforward investor. He was named “Jeff Brown thy Bitcoin Master.” Now, with Bitcoin, it only took a fraction of more than a year, and many investors were burned to death.

The fact is, these “burned out investors” are not subscribed to Jeff’s report and are benefiting from his blockchain recommendation.

This article will provide you the information on why you should invest in Bitcoins!

Jeff has been a highly paid and respected corporate director of Silicon Valley startups and tech companies for over 25 years. He is also involved in the Tokyo technology market, which is the hot spot for technology in Asia.

He hosts television interviews, speaks at private technology conferences worldwide, and holds senior positions at several multi-billion dollar technology companies. It is currently one of the best companies in terms of new technologies and knowledge of where to invest.

Pros and Cons


Jeff Brown (editor) is known as the “inner circle” and is a Silicon Valley business and technology expert. Others may claim to be knowledgeable, but their results do not mean they are true insiders.

Because there are “circles” in the high-tech industry, only a few people know about this sacred world. Brown is part of this inner circle, allowing him to present things that most other “experts” do not know because they do not.

After registration, he can immediately log in, thanks to everything being online and right in his inbox. Quick and easy.

The information received is the most innovative. This means that the profit potential is higher, thanks to the lower call option.

Brown and his senior team have done all the necessary research on these companies. Then double-check it, triple-check it, and so on so that all you have to do is follow the recommendations and perform the recommended operations.


Investing in startups carries risks. However, you already know. This is why you can really make such big profits.

Thanks to the excellent research of Jeff Brown, he has undoubtedly reduced this risk to an acceptable level.

After all, you will not make much money over and over like him and those who follow his work, and you will not be really good at it.

Anyway, if you want to invest in 2021, this article will notify you regarding which sectors look promising.


The Near Future Report financial newsletter is from Jeff Brown, an angel investor in the newly formed Brownstone Research Company. He has over 30 years of Silicon Valley experience and technology investors.

The newsletter revealed several tech stocks that he believes would increase dramatically in the coming months. To further support new clients, they provide three free bonus reports that explain in detail which investment you should opt for.

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