How to make money playing League of Kingdoms games?

How to make money playing League of Kingdoms games?

In the MMO strategy game League of Kingdoms, players compete for dominance. Through NFT technology, you may fully own and exchange digital assets with ease. This is the first MMO strategy game that is both user-owned and driven. They are the owners and rulers of all lands.

League of Kingdoms is a game on the blockchain. This is the first cross-chain GameFi drop on Ethereum Blockchain as the base and Polygon blockchain as the second layer. It is a play-to-earn game that can be played on mobile applications, web browsers, or desktop applications.

make money playing League of Kingdoms

How to play League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is a simple yet amazingly designed game. When you open the game you will find different resources on the top like stones, gold, etc. which you can be used in the game. The most important thing in the game is the stone as they are going to help you boost up within the game like creating a building, buying VIP levels, building an army, etc. You can get them by mining, or quest, or else you can also buy them. By actively participating in the growth of the continents, you can acquire permanent ownership, actively develop them, start large-scale alliance wars, and receive substantial rewards. This game is very user-friendly.

How to make money through the League of kingdoms?


  • It is very important to have enough stones as they will be required for almost everything in the game. So, you should have a lot of Quarry in your kingdom.
  • If you want to stay safe without making much effort you should not go above level 9 if you are on level 9 or below it other players can’t attack your kingdom more than once in an hour
  • Send spies to other players’ kingdoms to know about their resources. After checking their resources and troops, choose which kingdom you are going to attack.
  • Keep in mind resources should be maximum and troops should be minimum
  • Then later you can exchange your resources.
  • You can play various games to earn tokens.
  • You can earn if you own land. Landowners can earn 5 percent of the things players produce on their land.

How much investment is needed?

You can start playing this for free. If you want to purchase any kind of resources then you have to pay according to the price of the resources. The higher the risk, the higher the return. You can purchase LOKA coins for in-game purchases. Currently, the price of LOKA is $0.534891. Investing in LOKA coins is pretty risky So invest in it at your own risk after learning all the concerning facts related to it.

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