How to make money playing Highstreet World game?

How to make money playing Highstreet World game?

Highstreet combines retail and gaming, paving the way for innovative experiences and meta-lifestyles in a multifaceted metaverse with VR support.

Highstreet World is a place where realities collide, and you earn money by playing characters like Archer and Brawler who clear monsters and protect cities.

Highstreet is a game played on Ethereum blockchain that enables this game to combine various experiences like shopping, gaming, and NFT.

One of the many blockchain games built on the metaverse is Highstreet, but it stands out because you can now buy real-world tangible replicas of in-game objects.

How to play Highstreet World?

Highstreet World is a vastly multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a focus on business that incorporates well-known businesses into the metaverse, such as Harvey Nichols and Paris-Saint Germain.

The game is split into various regions where users can interact, own properties, and support their local economy. The whole in-game inventory of Highstreet World can be burned as NFTs and exchanged for tangible goods.

By dispatching monsters, finishing tasks, and generating passive income from their residences, Highstreet gamers can earn $HIGH tokens which later can be exchanged for STREET tokens as well.

How to earn while playing Highstreet World?

Highstreet Market products and properties in the Highstreet World can both be bought with HIGH tokens, which can also be placed to gain rewards.

Additionally, it is used to advance through different gameplay areas and gain access to special activities in the Highstreet metaverse. You have to get HIGH or STREET tokens to gain from this game.

Some simple methods to earn them are as follows

  • By performing in-game objectives like battling monsters or daily quests, you can gain Street Creds, which can then be used to purchase STREET tokens. After completing the fundamental task
  • Buy Armors and weapons to improve your stats
  • Invest in Real Estate and limited-edition products to earn a significantly extra amount of income
  • You can also swap HIGH and STREET tokens
  • Take part in competitions to earn extra credit

Is it good to invest in Highstreet World game?

To earn from the Highstreet world game, you have to invest some amount initially depending upon your requirements and how you are going to play.

According to previous data investing in it seems to be profitable but still, it is subject to risk. So invest according to your risk tolerance. This is a good opportunity for those who can take risks because this is a kind of high-risk high reward opportunity.

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