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What Luxury Home Buyers Are Looking For In 2021 Real Estate

What Luxury Home Buyers Are Looking For In 2021 Real Estate

When it comes to luxury home buying, trends have changed. Today’s luxury buyers are down-sizing and looking for homes with all of the options. They want open-concept spacing and as many amenities as they can get.

Developers like Fiddler’s Creek Aubrey Ferrao intuitively understand this and know how to bring just what the buyer needs in new developments.

Wondering how to custom-make your own luxury home? Here are a few ideas.

New and Open Concept

Today, closed-in kitchens are no longer the norm, even in upscale residences. Today’s luxury home-buyer wants to see everybody and everything. They also want open concept living because it contributes to wellness and more contemporary interior design. Approximately 80 percent of luxury real estate specialists told Coldwell Banker that buyers were looking for flowing layouts that had fewer informal changes between wall design and layout.

New luxury buyers don’t want to have to come in and start tearing down walls. They want to walk into a property that is move-in ready with few adjustments, and they’ll spend for it.

A new and open concept is just part of that. Today’s luxury real estate buyers would rather pay more upfront for a finished product than have to think about renovations.

Buyers are also looking for amenities.

Health and Wellness Amenities

Today’s luxury owner is getting creative about what amenities they want in their home. A pool is a must, but health and wellness amenities in luxury homes have changed a lot.

Now, amenities like Fiddler’s Creek golf stand out. Other gated or private communities offer homes with spas, tennis courts, and even anti-aging centers inside the home.

Smart Homes

Luxury real estate buyers don’t like to think much when they get home from work. If their home can do something for them that they can’t, like turn on or off the security system, they will pay for it. It’s just another critical element that luxury real estate developers are implementing today.

When it comes to luxury real estate, take your time. Do your research to see what is trending, and what your developer can and can’t do. If they can’t give you what you want, keep looking. There will be someone else that can.

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