How to open a Kotak Mahindra Bank Zero balance account?

How to open a Kotak Mahindra Bank Zero balance account?

Everyone can start a digital zero-balance savings account called Kotak811 online (Residents of Indian only).

Depending on your needs, you can use the Kotak811 Digital Savings Account to apply online an for 811 Edge Digital Savings Account or simply a Zero Balance Savings Account.

One can open zero balance account in Kotak Mahindra Bank with the below-given guide

Who can open a Kotak Mahindra Zero Balance account?

The facility to open a zero-balance account is available to anyone who resides in India.

A valid PAN card and Aadhaar are required in order to open a zero-balance account online. Banks may open savings accounts online using Aadhaar OTP authentication in accordance with RBI regulations.

How to open a Kotak Mahindra Bank Zero balance account online?

Step 1 – A Kotak 811 zero balance can be opened online very quickly and easily. Within a few hours, one can open a full-featured savings account by choosing the process of video KYC.

Step 2 -Type in your name, email address, and phone number. If one is a resident of India and they don’t consider themselves as politically exposed, click the appropriate boxes.

Step 3 – On one’s cell phone number, one will get an OTP. Activate the OTP.

Step 4- Banks are permitted by the RBI to open online zero-balance savings accounts with Aadhaar OTP authentication.

Step 5 -Fill in their PAN and Aadhaar numbers. They must provide the bank permission to access their Aadhaar information and biometric data for authentication.

Step 6- Fill in the OTP that was sent to the cellphone number associated with your Aadhaar.

Step 7- Now that their Aadhaar details are available, they can see their address. They can add a different address or use this one as your address for communication.

Step 8- Include information such as their mother’s and father’s names, gender, professions, and annual income. Your birth date will be obtained by the bank from the database of Aadhaar. Details of the nominee may also be added.

Step 9- Before beginning the KYC verification procedure through a video call, go over the details you’ve added.

Step 10- The terms and conditions need to be accepted.

Step 11- They can also add an alternative communication address in this step.

Step 12- They will be connected to a bank representative who will conduct the KYC process through video call once they will grant them location access. Their account will start working shortly once the video-based KYC is finished when successful verification is done.

The account will function as an unrestricted, full-featured savings account.

Can you get a credit card under Kotak Mahindra’s zero-balance account?

Yes, one can get a credit card against zero-balance accounts. obtaining a credit card is a quick and simple process. While they set up an 811 savings account, they can also apply for their card online without providing any documentation. They need to give them permission to check their CIBIL score during the 811 account opening process, then keep going with the account opening process while they verify your eligibility for the card. By providing their employment information on the “Thank You page”, they can finish the credit card application based on eligibility.


Kotak Mahindra Saving account is very beneficial as there is no minimum limit on the amount to be deposited and it has become a paperless process. It is very easy to open a zero-balance saving account in Kotak Mahindra bank. One can easily open a zero-balance saving account using the above-given steps.

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