Best Bank to Open a Salary Account in 2022

Best Bank to Open a Salary Account in 2022

Most people work in private and public sector companies, and they need to open a salary account to protect their salary. Corporate people are asking about the salary account, and several companies have a tie-up with a bank. Therefore, there are number features and benefits of having a salary account, so we can go with the best bank to open for a salary account.

best salary accounts

Though there are a number of banks out to provide a salary account, you need to pick the best choice which is too hard for new users. If you are new and don’t have ideas to choose the best salary account, you have to go with the below words, and it provides the best choice without meeting any risk of it.

  • Interest rate
  • ATM
  • Customer support
  • Additional facilities
  • Reward

For ensure the above things, you can go with the best bank that offers the salary account with a decent interest rate. It gives a hand to pick the best bank to open an account and protect the money from essential things.

Here, we listed the best banking that offers a salary account along with the unique benefits and features. So it gave a hand to provide the best ideas to go with the right bank and meet of benefits.

Kotak Platina Salary account

This bank provides a salary account which is out with unique features and benefit which are given below. Platina Salary account is a Zero balance saving account. You will get 6% interest on saving account balance. The account is out with the option to active money that is a sweep in and out facility, which helps to make a higher rate of interest on funds. Even you can simply transfer funds online using NEFT and RTGS for free. Therefore you can save our salary with a high interest rate.

ICICI Bank Salary account

This bank offers a high salary account that is well packed with a lot of the special befit for the staff that opens an account. ICICI bank provides a ton of benefits to staff to the employee, such as the credit of salaries and provides on bill payment, free internet, and other features. This company needs to have a minimum of 20 employees so you can simply make money and get enough interest. It provides a zero balance salary account, so you need not want to maintain a minimum balance in the report. The staff will get an international debit card with no need for annual fees and better withdrawal and spend enough limits per day.

HDFC Classic salary account

When you come to open a salary account on this bank, the candidate can provide enough benefits over the classic salary account. It includes rewards on debit cards and gives discounts partner staffs and free accidental death cover and much more additional features. It provides a zero balance savings account, so you need not want to fulfill the outbalance requirement. It offers the free international debit card with a domestic limit of RS 2.75 lakhs. You can get free to pay bills, free email alerts, and much more additional features. Therefore it becomes a common option to save money easily.

SBI corporate salary package

This salary account hot significant benefits for staffs include services such as hospital, hotels, transport and much more. The boxes will customize based upon the business support of a company with the help of the bank. It has a lot of package eligibility per gross monthly income. When you come to the platinum, you have above one lakhs, and the diamond package must have more than 50000 to 1 lakhs. In the Gold boxes, you have to get Rs of 20000, and up to Rs 50000 and silver package is between 5000 to 200000. This package is risk-free and straightforward to open the accounting process. It never charges for salary disbursement, and it is paperless salary disbursement, and it helps to save personal accident insurance. On the other hand, it provides corporate staff auto sweep facilities and makes more interest over it.

Axis priority salary account

This bank provides a quality service to their staffs who are using the salary account. Then it offers additional benefits which let to meet great support and solution to save your salary with high interest. This Axis introduces a salary account to offer comprehensive benefits. It has a particular relationship manager for all baking needs and provides preferential treatment on entering. Axis internet banking has unlimited free transactions, email notification and SMS alerts, and much more. This bank offers preferential rates over the car loan, personal loan, and much more additional features.

The above banks offer an excellent salary account with a lot of benefits, so you can simply choose any of the best options and create a salary account and high interest in your salary.

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