Know Everything About StarkNet Games and their Features

Know Everything About StarkNet Games and their Features

Blockchain technology has brought significant changes to numerous sectors, including gaming. One notable advancement is StarkNet, a robust validity rollup layer constructed on Ethereum. StarkNet is reshaping the landscape of crypto gaming by offering rapid, cost-effective, and secure transactions. It utilizes Cairo, a user-friendly programming language similar to Rust, for game development. This article explores the realm of StarkNet games, shedding light on their distinctive attributes and the promising prospects they offer for the gaming industry’s future.

Starknet games

What Are Starknet Games?

For years, crypto gaming has promised to revolutionize the gaming industry by offering ownership and transferability of in-game assets. However, slow and expensive blockchain transactions have hindered the full realization of this potential. Starknet is changing the game by enabling fast and affordable transactions while maintaining Ethereum’s security. With Starknet’s recent improvements in throughput, several on-chain games are being developed that are poised to unlock the true potential of on-chain gaming. Two notable examples are Realms and Influence. We’ll delve into what sets these games apart, how Starknet facilitates the creation of cutting-edge systems for them, and how you can join in on the action!

1. Loot Survivor

Loot Survivor is an engaging pay-per-session strategy game on Starknet, where players navigate a perilous world with only one life per session. With over 70 beasts, 60 obstacles, and numerous weapons to interact with, players aim to find and upgrade weapons, battle beasts, and earn rewards. Should a player’s hero meet their demise, they can seamlessly begin a new in-game session without risking significant NFT investments, thanks to unique features like arcade accounts that streamline on-chain transactions.

2. Influence

Influence takes players into the depths of space-strategy MMO gameplay on Starknet, where factions vie for dominance among the asteroids. Players have the option to claim their asteroid or embark on their journey on Adalia Prime, the system’s largest asteroid. By mining valuable resources, players expand their influence and shape their world. The game offers extensive freedom, allowing players to forge alliances, engage in PvP space battles, and participate in a dynamic player-driven economy. Influence empowers players with genuine ownership of their in-game content, placing them firmly in control of their destinies.

3. Shosin

It introduces an asynchronous on-chain strategy game experience on Starknet, where players can train fighters and partake in battles. This TPS-agnostic game can smoothly handle varying transaction rates without impacting gameplay, ensuring a seamless experience for all participants. Additionally, Shosin provides avenues for players to qualify for thrilling tournaments, enhancing the competitive aspect of the game. Leveraging the Cairo VM, validated by Starknet, Shosin guarantees uninterrupted and immersive gameplay.

4. Realms

It serves as a dynamic hub for a variety of immersive Starknet games, blending technology, gaming, and innovation. Featuring fully on-chain games such as Eternum, Loot Survivor, Underdark, Underworld, StarkLand, Mississippi, Loot Auto Chess Battle, GenWorld, and Rising Revenant, Realms operates autonomously without central authority. It offers continuous accessibility, multiplayer interaction, resilience to shutdowns, and unrestricted user engagement, providing an unparalleled gaming experience within the Starknet ecosystem.

 5. AW Frontier

AW Frontier stands as a groundbreaking full-chain game constructed on Starknet, a zero-knowledge Rollup that utilizes STARK proofs and is not EVM compatible. This unique framework renders Starknet ideal for full-chain gaming, offering native support for Account abstraction, enabling walletless login, and eliminating the need to sign transactions during gameplay. Following a Quantum Leap upgrade in July 2023, Starknet witnessed a tenfold increase in throughput and significant reductions in confirmation time, enhancing the gaming experience within AW Frontier. At the heart of AW Frontier lies Dojo, Starknet’s native on-chain game engine, comprising contracts, tools, and code libraries centered around the Entity Component System (ECS), simplifying the development of on-chain games.

6. emerges as a comprehensive gaming infrastructure platform erected upon Starknet, often likened to Starknet’s “Steam” for its role as a game launcher and hub. With a focus on providing developers with robust tools and libraries for creating and deploying high-quality games, also prioritizes delivering a seamless and immersive gaming experience for players. Leveraging the Cartridge Controller, seamlessly onboards users while unlocking the potential of player ownership, identity, and reputation. Additionally, it offers managed infrastructure and tools for on-chain games through Slot3, further enriching the gaming ecosystem on Starknet.

7. Eternum

Eternum stands out as a strategy game innovatively built on Starknet, combining elements from popular browser games like Travian and Tribal War with strategic play patterns reminiscent of board games such as Catan and Risk. Players engage in economic considerations and strategic planning within the game’s dynamic environment, comprising 8,000 individual Realms, each managed and developed by its respective Lord. Leveraging Starknet’s unique features, including fast, cost-effective, and secure transactions, Eternum delivers an immersive and seamless gaming experience, showcasing the potential of on-chain gaming to revolutionize the gaming industry. Eternum serves as a testament to Starknet’s capabilities and heralds the future of fully on-chain, intricate gaming experiences.


In conclusion, StarkNet is revolutionizing blockchain gaming by enabling fast, affordable, and secure transactions. Games like Loot Survivor and Influence offer immersive experiences while empowering players with true ownership of in-game assets. Platforms like Realms and serve as essential hubs for game distribution and development. With innovations like AW Frontier and Shosin, StarkNet is poised to reshape the gaming industry, offering endless possibilities for developers and players alike.

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